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Top Tech Tools for Marketing Firms in 2020

Jun 9, 2020

The onset of this new decade has brought about rapid changes in all fields, with marketing being no exception. CEO of Marwick Marketing Christian Thomson emphasizes that staying attuned to current and emerging trends is crucial in terms of innovation. While visual communication is the main way in marketing to get a message across in a concise and appealing manner, today’s marketing professionals need to be much more fully rounded. This is why digital media has become one of the top areas of study for those looking for a career in marketing. Graduates with online digital media degrees are equipped with both artistic sensibilities and knowledge of the best business practices. And it is this combination that all people entering this field should be aiming for. This way they can become responsible for taking their marketing firm to the next level. In order to do so, though, they will also need something that can’t be taught – the right tools.

Here are the Top Tech Tools for marketing firms in 2020:


We covered how Mailchimp is a great tool for email marketing in e-commerce. This multipurpose tool can be utilized for sending out newsletters via email, but it does not limit you to this sole medium. With the help of analytics tools, marketers will also be able to glean insight on which type of content works best for them. Finding new customers is made simpler, as Mailchimp creates digital ads for landing pages as well as personalized popups in order to connect with them.


With social media at the forefront of today’s marketing landscape, having an integrated platform that manages all your social accounts is of utmost importance. Hootsuite provides marketers with just that – and even allows you to keep track of mentions and zero-in on concentrated information on the brand’s demographic. Posts may be scheduled and timed for optimal views, and analytics measure current performance aligned with KPIs. It may even be integrated with Mailchimp.

Google Ads

The paradigm by which marketers must strive towards for Google search engine results page (SERP) advertising can be achieved with Google Ads. This tool allows marketers to have their products, services, or sites displayed at the topmost part of SERPs. Marketers bid on keywords and craft an attractive copy. Users will see your campaign or service initially upon searching their queries.


It’s a proven fact that social media posts on sites like Twitter and Facebook get better traction and engagement when images are affixed to posts. Canva is a quick and user-friendly solution for making collateral ready to be posted immediately. Workspaces have collaborative options so that teams can get on board and help one another come up with their desired end product. There are several templates to work around which are readily compatible with different social media mediums and campaigns, and can be adjusted to suit one’s particular brand and message.


While images and infographics are important, many people consider video marketing to be the king of the industry. Lumen5 helps marketers create videos that are based on preexisting content that they have created, such as blog posts. With the help of AI, Lumen5 pairs multimedia formats with words to generate professional-quality videos that are ready for posting instantly on social media.

With an eye for creativity, technical prowess, and strategy – and of course, the right tech tools for marketing, today’s marketers can create campaigns that are not only aesthetically pleasing but compelling and meaningful.


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