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Equipment Leasing: Invest In Your Future, Confidently

Is it time to invest in new equipment for your business? Don’t be deterred by the hefty price tag. Whether you need a new forklift for your construction business, a new pizza oven for your restaurant, or advanced medical tools for your labs, Equipment Leasing has got you covered. 


Improve Efficiencies Fast

By spreading the costs into manageable payments you will be able to upgrade to better, more advanced technology and improve the overall efficiency of your business. With our flexible, personalized funding options, you will never have to cut corners or look for cheaper, less convenient alternatives when expanding.


Free Up Working Capital

Investing in new equipment to expand your business can be a huge cost for a small business. With Reliant’s business funding line you can acquire more equipment, make upgrades, and invest in technology without having cash-flow problems. You can use your working capital to cover your daily, operational costs.


Get Expert Advice

At Reliant, you are getting more than access to quick capital for your small business. You are also connecting with dedicated experts who are always ready to help you make the best decisions for your small business, now and for years ahead. We remain by your side to answer any questions you might have and thrive to offer exceptional service.

Reliant’s Financing Solution: Get Efficient In 3 Simple Steps

Our expert team is here to guide you on alternative quick funding options that will work best for your business needs. In a few steps, we can help you cover your equipment and technology expenses for up to $400,000. Your application is approved based on the information provided in your application and your recent bank history.


Meet your Account Manager

Our dedicated team gets in touch to work with you on your personalized funding request.


Complete your online application

Get personalized options for your business. Approval usually within hours.


Funding released as little in as 24 hours

Once approved, we send your funds straight to your account. Congratulations!


Join The Conversation. Independent Reviews

By Small Business Owners Like You


Join The Conversation. Independent Reviews

By Small Business Owners Like You

FAQs About Equipment Leasing

Equipment financing refers to a loan lease used to purchase business-related equipment for your business. Examples of such equipment include: a restaurant oven, a vehicle, farming equipment, and many more.

Equipment financing covers equipment loans and equipment leases. Equipment loans allow you to purchase the equipment with payments made over time. On the other hand, equipment leasing gets you the equipment you need without having to buy it outright. You’ll make a regular lease payment to continue using the equipment as if it were your own. Some lenders give you the option to purchase the equipment when you reach the end of your lease.

Generally, businesses have to be actively operating for at least 12 months and have a credit score of 650+ to qualify for equipment leasing. Lenders also look at solid cash flow and revenues for the past 3-6 months.

We offer funding solutions that can help your business get flexible, rapid funding. Since 2008, we have helped over 10,000 small businesses and funded almost two billion dollars. If you would like to discuss funding solutions for your small business, call us 877-850-0998.

With Reliant Funding, getting funding is quick. Most businesses receive an approval within a few business hours. Funding is typically delivered directly the next day.

What Makes Reliant Different

In a world where others make things like funding your small business complicated, we step in. Our focus is less on the paperwork and more on connecting with you as a small business owner. Since 2008, over 10,000 small businesses have trusted us to get them the funding they need. When we work with you, we ensure that the solutions we provide benefit your business in the long term.


So, whatever equipment your small business needs right now, rest assured that we probably have a loan that can cover it. All our funding is tailored to your business needs and personal circumstances. If you are ready to chat with an expert team that hates confusing loan terms and excessive paperwork as much as you do, we look forward to having a conversation about your business.

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