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Embrace New Business Opportunities With Steady, Reliable Funding

Get approved upfront for a set credit amount you can draw money against whenever your small business needs funding. With a line of credit, you can buy more inventory or cover operational costs without worrying about cash flow. Businesses typically need evidence of being active for several years, revenue, and strong financial history to qualify for a line of credit.


Quick Access To Funding

The application process is smooth and transparent so you can complete every step easily and get approved fast. Your Account Manager will walk you through the simple steps and help you complete the minimal paperwork so you can focus on your business operations.


Flexible Interest Rates

Traditional bank loans involve paying interest on the entire amount borrowed. A Line Of Credit has a different approach that benefits small businesses. With a Line Of Credit, you will only ever need to pay interest on the amount of money that you use from the approved sum, nothing more.


Experts That Help You Plan Ahead

Our dedicated team discusses your circumstances and future business goals in detail, helping you make funding decisions that are in your best interest now and in the future. With our funding line, we support your small business with funding you can afford to pay back.

Looking For A Line of Credit For Your Small Business?

A line of credit is not the only way to fund your small business. In fact, our business funding line provides quick, flexible financing that can be a better option for your current needs. Our experts approve your application based on the information provided in your simple application and your recent financial history. Reliant Funding cuts through the red tape and makes applying simple and stress-free. Here’s how we do it:


Meet your Account Manager

Our dedicated team gets in touch to work with you on your personalized funding request.


Complete your online application

Get personalized options for your business. Approval within hours.


Funding released within 24 hours

We send your funds straight to your account. Congratulations!


Thousands Of Customers

Sharing Their Experience On Trustpilot


Thousands Of Customers

Sharing Their Experience On Trustpilot

FAQs About Line Of Credit

A line of credit is a set amount of funding that a financial institution, like a bank or loan service company, agrees to lend you. This amount is available for you to withdraw from any time you need it. You only pay interest on the amount that you withdraw.

A line of credit can give you access to a high credit limit, but credit cards usually don’t. Credit card limits heavily depend on your creditworthiness and income. A line of credit, on the other hand, takes into account your business performance.

Loans and lines of credit are both ways to fund your business and cover heavy costs. However, there’s a significant difference between the two. A loan offers a lump sum of money that you have to repay over a period of time. A line of credit, on the other hand, lets you withdraw against a set credit amount approved by your financial institution. You can decide how much you want to borrow from that set amount and only have to pay interest on the amount borrowed.

Opening a line of credit increases your available credit, giving you the opportunity to build and improve your credit score. However, if you are not careful with your spending, you might get into serious financial trouble, which, in turn, will have a negative impact on your credit score.

Generally, a good credit score is 700 and above – accompanied by a history of being on time about paying debts. The lender will also consider your income level, your current level of debt, and your financial history before approving your application. If you feel it would be difficult to meet these requirements, we welcome you to learn more about Reliant’s business funding line as an alternative way to get funding for your small business. Click here to read more.

At Reliant Funding, We Care About Your Business

As a small business owner, your business needs are unique and require individual attention. Choose a partner that is ready to listen carefully about your circumstances and vision. We have the experience and expertise to help your small business find stability during challenging times and move into the future with optimism. Over the past 15 years, we have served 10,000 small businesses across the United States and have funded almost two billion dollars.


Tired of excessive paperwork, confusing terms, unreliable customer service, and being told your loan application has been declined? You are now in the right place. Our team is excited to learn more about your business and discuss how to help your business succeed.

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