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Top Tech Tools for E-Commerce Retail Businesses in 2020

Mar 23, 2020

E-commerce retail business owners sometimes manage both online and in-person experience. Ensuring your business has an online presence can widen your sales audience. Even if an online store is your sales platform of choice, some tech tools for e-commerce can make life easier.

To help retail business owners decide which tech tools and apps best suit their business, we have produced a list of the top tech tools for e-commerce retail. For the full list of Top Tech Tools and Apps for your retail store, download our guide today.

Sales Tools and Apps


5-Star Rating: 3.3

Shopify is one of the most popular software for retail businesses, especially e-commerce businesses. It is a powerful and versatile POS system that can help unify online and in-store sales. This tool also lets you keep a record of customer visits. By keeping records, you can customize the experience for the customer, whether in-person or virtual.

Amazon FBA

5-Star Rating: 4.6

Fulfilment by Amazon can help your business reach millions daily. The Amazon seller app helps you to analyze your sales, view sales over time and more. This app and service by Amazon can also help you respond to customer questions quickly and with ease.

Marketing Tools and App


5-Star Rating: 3.6

When you decide to use email marketing, Mailchimp is a top tool. Users can send newsletter-style emails to customers, carry out social media marketing and use this tool for CRM. This tech tool also provides reporting and analytics to know what content works on what medium.


5-Star Rating: 3.4

Salesforce is a sales-driven CRM tool that has a goal of bringing customers closer to your business. With this software, users can collect data about customers and interactions with salespeople or customer teams. Companies can also engage with customers across the different stages of a sales journey. This tool provides a lot of data analysis functions to help you make the right decisions when growing your business.


5-Star Rating: 3.5

GreenRope is a marketing solution that covers everything from creating brand awareness to bringing in sales. With this tool, business owners can quickly build landing pages, create sign-up forms and take command of the sales process.

Accounting and Price Monitoring Tools and Apps


5-Star Rating: 3.9

Xero is a robust accounting system for your retail business. Users get real-time access to the businesses’ cash flow situation and inventory insights. You can send professional invoices to anywhere and customize purchase orders.


5-Star Rating: 4.7

One of the highest-rated apps on this list, Prisync is a software that helps retail businesses properly price products. Competitor investigation, price optimization and revenue analysis are all included with this tool. Users can also set SmartPrice rules that automatically adjust product prices against competitors to help improve margins.


5-Star Rating: 4.5

Webgility is an e-commerce accounting and inventory automation software that is designed for business owners that use Quickbooks and Netsuite. This tool records marketplace fees, shipping fees and payment fees when you choose. Webgility can sync your inventory, and you can make sure that the business is never out of stock and won’t lose money on overstocks.


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