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Rewarding Employees in Trucking, Construction, and Auto Repair Industries During COVID-19

Jul 13, 2020

Keeping employees motivated and engaged within small business industries such as trucking, construction, and auto repair can seem quite difficult during a global pandemic. However, these particular industries are crucial to the country and its well-being, and rewarding employees is a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.

Amongst frontline workers such as healthcare professionals, store clerks, and emergency personnel, the individuals within the construction, automotive, and trucking industries have also made up a large portion of frontline workers throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Giving rewards and incentives to front-line employees is a simple way to keep spirits high during a time of crisis.

Rewarding the Trucking Industry

Truck drivers are arguably the most critical piece of a transportation business; while equipment maintenance and scheduling are vital, drivers are the employees who make the magic happen.  

Rewarding drivers during COVID-19 is a practice that is very much appreciated, especially when they are leaving their family for long periods of time, during a pandemic. 

Additionally, many places within truck stops and turnpike rest areas are closed for business due to COVID-19 safety precautions, grabbing lunch or coffee is not nearly as easy as it once was after driving hundreds of miles. 

Especially for OTR drivers, if you are giving rewards such as gift cards, be sure to reward with brands they can use on the road, or that their families will find useful during the COVID-19 challenges. While restaurants are opening up in many parts of the country, drivers may prefer options that allow to-go orders to minimize their exposure risk. Firehouse Subs, Fuzzy’s Tacos, and McDonald’s are among chains who have focused on making pick up or drive thru accessible for the trucking industry.

Construction Worker Gifts and Recognition

Construction workers are still outside working in the summer sun and indoors completing unfinished projects, even in the midst of a pandemic. Whether employers are recognizing construction workers with arbitrary or earned incentives, rewards and gifts are a great way to keep those who are continuously working happily. 

Since safety is a huge factor in the construction industry, rewarding employees for safe practices is a common reason to utilize rewards and incentives. Now that COVID-19 is an additional safety factor, presenting rewards to those who are abiding by company rules and continuing to work hard during these tough times can go a long way. 

Auto Body Industry Incentives

Just as the other frontline workers have been continuing their duties during COVID-19, automotive technicians are continuously making sure customers’ vehicles are running properly and being fixed in a timely and safe manner.  

All things considered, this means safely working with the public to service automobiles while also keeping themselves safe and social distancing. That is not always easy when it comes to working in the autobody shop environment. Those who are working long, tiring hours during the pandemic would be thrilled to receive a little extra thank you. Remember, keeping employees happy, making them feel appreciated and motivated during hard times is very important

Rewarding Employees with Gift Cards

How can employers reward frontline workers within the construction, auto, and trucking industries quickly, easily, and in real-time? The answer is gift cards.

The Incentive Research Foundation has found that employees equate cash rewards with salary, which is normally used to make utilitarian purchases and therefore derive very little meaning or appreciation. However, gift cards for dining or experiences are found to be much more personal and meaningful.

Keep in mind, if an employer is unsure about an employee’s taste, they can choose to reward or incentive with a multi-brand gift card, such as Happy Moments gift card that incorporates retail stores, restaurants, and even movie theater options. The Bloomin’ Brands gift card is another great alternative for use at multiple restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse and Bonefish Grill.

Since employee recognition is often not planned, assuring you have the correct gift cards on hand and in the proper denominations can be tough. With this, there are two different options available to solve the problem.

  • An online reward solution, where employees can be gifted points that they can then redeem for a variety of merchandise or gift cards. Kudos, with a convenient mobile app, is great even for employees who do not work at a desk or are currently working remotely.
  • CardNow, where you always have a box of empty, ready-to-load gift cards and gift card sleeves on hand. You pay for the load value via the service’s mobile app only when you are ready to reward or incentivize an employee. This prevents lost or stolen cards and eliminates the need to make last-minute trips to the store.

Next time one of your construction workers, auto body technicians, or truck drivers deserve a thank you, be sure to reward them. A simple gift can go a long way when it comes to employee motivation and retention during tough times. 


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