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Top Tech Tools for Trucking and Transportation Business Owners in 2020

Mar 17, 2020

The trucking and transportation industry is dynamic and houses over 500,000 trucking companies and $1.3 trillion in the market. Technological solutions for this industry have grown significantly. Now, there are solutions for business owners in all aspects of trucking and transportation. For everyday processes like load weighting and tracking, storing digital receipts, fuel pricing and helping truckers on the road, there are many solutions. However, running the operations of a trucking or transportation business can mean remote management and little time to find the best solution for a business.

After speaking with thousands of trucking and transportation business owners each year, we know how much the right solution can help. To save business owners time and money finding apps and tech tools for everyday trucking and transportation processes, we have created a complete guide. Below is a quick overview of the top apps and tech solutions included in the full-length guide that is available for download today. In the full-length guide, you will find more detail and features, as well as industry expert advice. 

Tools for Load Weighing and Tracking


5-Star Rating: 4.1

TruckLogics is a web-based tool that allows a business owner to dispatch loads remotely and generate invoices. This tool is excellent for the trucking or transportation business owner who manages their business remotely. The multi-user login feature sets the stage for better employee coordination and seamless workflows.


5-Star Rating: 3.6

DriveWyze works to bypass any unneeded weigh station checkpoints in the US. This app is compliant with FMCSA, state distracted driving laws and runs in the background to not drain the battery of your device.

Tools for Maintaining a Digital Log


5-Star Rating: 4.7

This mobile scanner will capture and send large documents. Camscanner automatically enhances image quality and syncs to a cloud storage account within seconds. The user can also add hand-written notations to these documents.


5-Star Rating: 4.1

BigRoad is an electronic logbook for trucking business owners, owner-operators and drivers. With this tool, you can keep track of hours worked, the number of trucks on a job, loads dispatched and more. This app generates driver behavioral reports, provides video training and has a DVIR plugin that can optimize your fleet’s uptime.

Tools for Fuel Pricing


5-Star Rating: 4.4

GasBuddy is the go-to app for getting fuel price information. Users cay choose the state they are travelling to and the expected route. The app will then populate the fuel pumps on the way with the lowest gas prices. Being able to see prices ahead of time helps to create an accurate estimate of fuel cost for any given trip before turning the key.

Tools to Help Truckers on the Road

Keep Truckin

5-Star Rating: 4.5

Keep Truckin is a one-stop logistic solution for your trucking and transportation business. Why? It improves road safety with the help of AI-powered dash cams. Keep Truckin also tracks vehicles in real-time and provides dispatch workflow solutions.

The Weather Company

5-Star Rating: 4.0

The weather company is one of the world’s largest private weather enterprises. To improve response time to changing weather conditions, drivers can view weather conditions in any area ahead of time. Specifically, this app provides live roadway feed, user-reported travel conditions, mapping, distance and annotations.


5-Star Rating: 4.3

iExit helps to use your mobile phone’s GPS location to send an alert to the driver when the next exit on any programmed route is upcoming. The app also provides information on what to expect near each state exit and how to find restaurants, WiFi stations, parking and hotels. The third-party integration with Yelp, OPIS and Travel Coupons brings convenience to being on the road.


5-Star Rating: 3.3

This app can help to find the cheapest fuel pumps on a route, parking space availability, truck stops and even local superstores. If a driver requires medical care, a repair shop or a weighing scale, this app has that functionality as well.


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