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Reliant Funding FAQ: Buying Power for Your Small Business

Jul 17, 2018

Obtaining working capital can be a long and sometimes unfruitful process for small business owners. When prospective clients call us to find out how we can assist them with their business expansion or any other need, they often have many questions. Finding a flexible funding solution can be a confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. Because we offer funding services to small business owners, it’s easy to compare Reliant Funding to banks. Our services, processes and approach to small business funding are vastly different from traditional banks.

As a leading small business funding company, our mission is to serve the underbanked whenever the need arises for working capital. To help you understand more about what we do and who we are, we’ve addressed the most common questions we hear from small business owners looking for information below.

Q: How much paperwork is required to get approved and funded?

A: We typically only require copies of your most recent bank statements.  It’s a simple process, and most of our clients appreciate how quickly they were able to get funded and move forward on their projects.

Q: How quickly can I receive funding?

A: It is possible to fund your business the same day. If you need to move fast, we can accommodate you. All you have to do is provide your information requested as soon as you are able.

Q: Is there any obligation to move forward?

A: You are never obligated to accept our funding.  However, when you are ready to move forward, we will always be here to help.

Q: Do I have to sign a personal guarantee?

A: As an industry leader in small business funding, we have many different programs and options available.  With a majority of our programs, you do not have to sign a personal guarantee! We are one of the ONLY funding companies out there that require no personal guarantee and no personal liability that is tied to your personal credit.

Q: Are there pre-payment penalties for paying the borrowed amount off early?

A: No, unlike the banks we do not have any pre-payment penalties for paying off amounts early. In fact, one of the benefits to our programs is that with positive payment history you are eligible to renew and receive additional funding.

Q: Are you a hard money lender?

A: No. Real estate secures a hard money loan. Our funding lines are unsecured and never tied to your assets. We customize a funding solution based on your situation.

Q: What can I expect with the funding process at Reliant?

A: You can expect a personalized and professional experience. Our specialist will walk you through everything. Throughout every step of our simple application process, our goal is to make sure you understand and answer all the questions you may have. We want to hear your business story and how you think our funding will help move you closer to your goals. We are here to help. However, don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say.

We know obtaining working capital is one of the most significant challenges you face as a small business owner. If you’re looking for a flexible and easy way to get cash flow for your business without the hassle, we are the perfect business partner for you. Want more information? Call us at 877‑850‑0998 to get started today.


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