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Reliant Funding Customer Spotlight: A Woman’s Touch Home Services LLC

Feb 6, 2018

Reliant Funding delivers a customized funding solution for a landscaping/home service business to keep up with growing client demand. Let owner Heather Kelly tell you how Reliant supported her business with the working capital she needed.

Tell us about your business.

A Woman’s Touch is a full-service home improvement company based in Granby, Connecticut. I’ve been in business for six years. We specialize in various garden and home improvements. Offering affordable services with the integrity to do quality and efficient work is something we always strive to do.”

Why did you need funding for your business? What challenges were you experiencing?

“I just got to a point in my business where I couldn’t pay for everything I needed to outright, and it was affecting my business growth. My work trucks were breaking down, and I was spending more money for repairs than I could bring in. I was losing business because I couldn’t keep up with client demand. It just wasn’t worth it anymore, and I needed help.”

Why did you choose to work with us?

“I spoke to so many companies before I chose Reliant. The rep would offer a certain amount over the phone, but in the final paperwork stage, it was double the amount they had said in the beginning. Reliant was the first company I spoke with that made me feel comfortable doing business with them. They were transparent right from the start. Honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability are most important to me in business, and that’s why I went with Reliant.”

What did you do with the funds you received from Reliant?

“I initially applied for and received $10,000 in 2017 to upgrade one of my broken down trucks and renewed four months later for $13,000 to upgrade the second one. Anything can happen in my world. Things like broken down vehicles or an accident affecting my landscaping trailers could easily impact my livelihood. It’s nice to know I have a company to lean on in case anything unexpected happens.”

How long did it take to get up and running with our services?

“A weekend. I sent my paperwork in on a Thursday, was approved on Friday and had money in my account the following Tuesday. Anytime I had a question; I received a quick response back. The process was dummy proof and I understood everything at every point.”

How is our service helping you save time and increase productivity or revenue?

“Since I received the funds two years ago, I have expanded my client base. My client list schedule is always booked at least 2 weeks to a month out, even in the winter. The increased revenue made it possible for my husband and me to buy a house. Literally, our dream home was feasible because I got the funding from Reliant. I can pay back the funds to Reliant and my mortgage without any trouble. Dreams happen.”

What would be the financial impact for your business had you not found a funding solution?

“My business would have plummeted, no question. I wouldn’t have been able to expand in the way I have and at the right moment when I needed to. The work is never done with the client base I have. At the time, I had a month-long wait for clients requesting garden services with broken-down trucks. I would have had to sit at home, unable to run my business. Now, I have a wait list lined up all the way into April and upgraded trucks keeping up with the load.”

Would you recommend our services?

“I would absolutely recommend anyone to Reliant. They had one hundred percent transparency with me. There wasn’t anything I didn’t understand throughout the application and final phase. They were upfront and honest throughout the entire process.”

We work with many financial partners to create a variety of customizable financing options. Based on the needs and finances of the business, we will work together to find a number and plan that works best for you. Have questions?


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