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List of Top Ten Free Job Posting Sites

Feb 23, 2017

This is a companion post to Are you ready for part-time help? Start here which describes the basics of what to think about when looking for part-time help.

1. Indeed

This is one of the more popular resources. Creating a job post on this site is completely free, but there is an option to pay for Sponsored Jobs and your posting will appear prominently above and below free job postings. Visit Indeed

2. LinkedIn

While you may have to pay to use their job posting application, you can still do some strategic searching on the site for qualified applicants. Check out this useful article on how to do it, for free. Visit LinkedIn

3. JobisJob

This is a lesser known site. As a job search engine, they collect employment offers from scores of major boards. The service is completely free. All offers featured on JobisJob are hosted on their original webpages, meaning they drive high-quality potential applicants to your site. Visit JobisJob

4. craigslist

All craigslist postings are free, except for Job postings in selected areas in which a $7-75 fee may be applied depending on the area. Jobs closer to minimum wage are common on this site so if that’s near your budget then this will provide a larger pool of applicant. Be aware that you may receive an overwhelming amount of applicants. Visit craigslist

5. Wisestep

This site allows you to post as many jobs and search through as many candidate resumes as you want for free. It also allows you to sync your efforts up with various social media channels for wider distribution. Visit Wisestep

6. Backpage

Job postings are free but there are options to upgrade or sponsor your listings. Visit Backpage

7. Post Jobs for Free

This site distributes your jobs postings to popular job search sites for free. Visit Post Jobs for Free

8. Social networking sites

Don’t discount the power of your social media accounts you maintain for business. Sites, like Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram are always free and you may capture the interest of a potential hire. Here is a good article discussing how to do it.

9. Jobspider

They claim to be the #1 completely free internet job search engine and job board in the United States and Canada. Employers and recruiters can search extensive resume database and/or post a job opportunity making it viewable to millions of possible employees for free. Visit Jobspider

10. Flexjobs

FlexJobs’ base job service is free, and reputable companies offering telecommuting, freelance, part-time, alternative or flexible jobs are encouraged to request an invitation for free membership. Visit Flexjobs

You can download the List of Top 10 Job Posting Sites PDF for free if you would like to take it with you.


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