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Are You Ready for Part-Time Help? Start Here.

Feb 23, 2017

So, you’ve reached the point where you can no longer handle all aspects of your business alone and you need a little help. Enter: the part time employee. Hiring one typically comes with its own set of challenges because the key is finding the right fit, skillset and availability. You may not know where to start when searching for a new hire, so here’s a quick and dirty guide:

First Things First

  • Create a job description. Be simple – don’t over complicate matters and make sure to highlight the core responsibilities. Include any perks about working for the company (ex: culture, events, environment, etc.)
  • Be open about compensation and hours. There’s really no point in being discreet with a part time employee and getting into a wage negotiation. It’s a waste of time for both employer and employee.
  • Most potential part-time employees ask if positions can turn into a full-time role (also if benefits are included with that full-time position). Just be up front about it from the start if it isn’t an option. Don’t dangle carrots of empty promises. You’ll waste both the company’s and employee’s time, only to be looking for a replacement soon after you hire.

Get the Word Out

  • There are affordable options out there like craigslist, Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Also, businesses can now post job openings on Facebook—and users can apply directly through its platform. Do a little research and figure out which ones you want to use based on how much you want to pay for the ad.
  • Get active on social media to ask for a referral. Let people know you’re hiring. Tell friends and family because you never know who might be looking for part time work.


  • If you’re hiring for a specialty role which requires certification or training, look at networking sites like LinkedIn which are tailored to that industry. Often times there are forums you can post to announcing a part-time position in that field.
  • If the position is an entry level role, get involved with local college career centers – students often look for part-time jobs while in school. It’s a great sourcing ground for hard workers who are affordable.

Small businesses owners often struggle to find part-time skilled workers, but they do exist. You just have to know where to look.

We put together a List of Top Ten Free Job Posting Sites in another blog post to help you get started.


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