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Workplace Culture + Exercise = Workout Culture

Mar 9, 2017

Our office is buzzing about the Fit Company challenge coming up this weekend. It’s a pretty cool concept where Fit Company organization arranges an afternoon of exercise challenges for companies to compete with one another.  Many of us at Reliant will go head to head with them in a battle of the fittest.  Last year we won the challenge in San Diego, so we have to sally up and defend our first place spot.

This particular event inspired this post because it’s proven that exercise in the workplace can improve the health of your employees and in turn, benefit your company.

The truth is, those of us with office jobs sit at a desk most of the day. At Reliant, many of our employees take advantage of the gym before work and during lunch. Others get up for regular walks outside, have standing desks and/or sit on yoga balls to improve core strength and posture.  Not everyone takes advantage, but the point is: the option is there and it is encouraged.

Fitness is critical to overall health and research shows that employees who spend 30-60 minutes exercising on lunch perform better on the job.  They suffer less from the post-lunch energy dip and in general were better equipped to deal with pressures and demands of the day.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have gym facilities in the workplace, encourage your employees to step away from their desk and get moving.  Depending on workplace culture, some companies allow their employees to use their lunchtime for exercise and make up for it by eating at their desk. Another option is to offer up ways they can be active while at their desk.  This article on 5 Ways to Turn Your Workstation into a Workout Station gives interesting examples of ways to do it.

Lastly, participation in events such as the Fit Company challenge can inspire comradery and help your employees thrive through teamwork and fitness.  Check for similar events in your area.


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