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Working Capital Provides Flexibility for Construction Business Owner

Oct 11, 2018

Vance Harris Construction is a full-service provider of residential construction in Santa Barbara, California. Founded in 1983, Vance Harris centered the company around complete customer satisfaction and fast and accurate work. The company articulates intelligent design, creative problem solving, and an uncompromising commitment to quality work, professionalism, and integrity.

Following the credit crash of 2008, the company found itself lacking the same sort of access it had once had to working capital. As the company continued to build and grow, finding a solution which could meet their needs not only offered a clearer path to financial stability but allowed the business to focus on what they do best. Many hours were being spent each week sending out invoice requests and following up on receivables, keeping the business owner, Vance Harris, locked in his office instead of building his business. With the goal of focusing his time on his passions and less on accounting, Vance found himself in the market for the financial capacity and flexibility to take on more work and worry less about whether the capital he needed would be in his account.

The accounting aspect was taking up a lot of my time. I wanted to work with my hands, not sit behind a desk. I became tied up with working on billing accounts instead of moving forward smoothly with projects.

Common Challenges for Construction Businesses

Capital on Hand to Begin Projects: Vance needed the flexibility to keep his business pipeline moving by fronting projects. Reliant provided a quick infusion of cash to buy equipment/materials required for the job without delay.

Time Spent on Billing/Invoicing: As projects lined up, accounting duties started to pull Vance away from doing what he loved the most: construction. He needed to simplify his processes. With funds from Reliant, he was able to streamline his accounting processes by covering expenses upfront and billing clients later – and only once.

Revolving Line of Credit: Vance needed a renewable source of capital available whenever needed. With good standing, he is eligible to apply for more fast capital repeatedly. When the next project comes up, he know he will have fast access to funding.

Limitations of Traditional Loan Process: The approval process and requirements for bank loans prevented Vance from qualifying for money he needed right away. Reliant Funding provided him with a fast application process and funding with no collateral needed.

The fact they didn’t require collateral was most interesting. The entire funding process was extremely smooth and professional. I didn’t feel like just a number.

Why Reliant Funding?

As Vance searched for a solution, Reliant Funding stood out among others because of the flexibility and the fact that they didn’t require any collateral. Reliant Funding was able to offer a customized solution specifically for Vance Harris Construction and give him the flexibility to take on more projects without getting buried in the billing details.

Every business has unique needs, and Reliant Funding products and services are customizable for all small business owners. Now, instead of billing each client 2-3 times a month, he can wait and front the money with the funding from Reliant and pick it back up at the end of the month. It has streamlined his accounting processes, and it cuts down on time spent in the office. While Reliant Funding offers flexible funding, it was the relationship Vance developed with his funding specialist that won him over.

It was the relationship that brought me in. My rep Ben built trust with me throughout the process, and that was encouraging to me.

There are small business owners who may find themselves in a” catch 22” where they can’t receive funding for a variety of reasons. With his funds, Vance now focuses on what he loves – working with his hands and growing his business

Access to a reliable source of working capital is a lifeline for any contractor or construction business. Whatever your immediate need may be, Reliant Funding is dedicated to working with each business owner to find the solution you can depend on.

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