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Working Capital Floats Bistro through Slow Summer Season

Mar 5, 2019

Located in Palms Springs, the highly rated downtown restaurant: Bistro Wood-Fired Pizza, serves up hand-crafted cocktails and delicious chef-inspired offerings. The owner took over the restaurant in 2016 and transformed the menu, creating a hotspot for patrons visiting during the busy tourist summer season.

They’ve gained attention for their revamped menu which includes a variety of dishes from thin crust, wood-fired brick oven pizzas, to grilled Angus miniburgers and craft beer and spirits. The unique ambience is set in an industrial, yet rustic space with an urban feel, keeping locals and tourists alike coming back for more.

The restaurant is wildly popular throughout the busy season, but business tends to slow down toward the beginning of the hottest part of the summer. When the temperatures rise, many of the local small businesses in the area struggle to cover operational expenses during the offseason. While some try and reduce costs due to the slump in sales, owners must keep the business afloat until the busy season kicks off again. The owners of Wood-Fired Pizza needed a fast solution to see them through their annual slow season. They reached out to Reliant for help.

I liked the ease of application process.


Slow Season: A fast funding solution from Reliant can see you through a slow season without the wait. Without the hassle.

Bridge Gap in Receivables: You know the money is coming. Quick access to working capital right when you need it keeps the business running as usual while you wait.

Purchase Supplies/Inventory: A slow season shouldn’t actually slow you down. Make investments your way and on your timeline.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the application process was and how fast we received the funds.

Why Reliant Funding

Like many other small businesses, seasonality is a reoccurring issue for Bistro Wood-Fired Pizza. The owners needed to cover operational costs as well as pay fees associated with annualized expenses like property tax and license renewals. Before working with Reliant, they approached a bank to obtain the needed funds but grew frustrated with the loan process and level of difficulty it took to get a timely approval.

It’s a story that is all too familiar for small business owners in America. With the funds from Reliant, the restaurant could move forward, gear up for the busy season, without letting the slow season bog down operations.

Reliant Funding is proud to play a part in helping small businesses who need a quick cash infusion to get through a slow season. If your business could use a cash flow boost without the hassle of a lengthy application process, a funding solution with Reliant could be a right fit for you.

Compared to banks it was like night and day.

The best interests and future success of the businesses we work with are always top of mind.

We know every business is unique, which is why we’ve developed the fastest, simplest and most flexible business funding solution available in the market today. If you recognize an exciting opportunity for your existing small business but lack the capital you need to execute on it, we have dedicated account representatives waiting to assist. Learn more about how we can help your business by connecting with us today.

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