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Preparing for the Busy Season through an Off-Season Investment with Fast Funding

Nov 21, 2018

Structura Body Therapies is dedicated to helping people attain an energetic and wholly satisfying lifestyle free of impairment and pain. They help clients relieve pain and help restore and optimize levels of activity and wellness.

After purchasing the franchise in 2013, Owner Nancy Our-Bakhtiar was experiencing substantial growth. She realized she needed to train therapists and hire additional ones to keep up with the demand and stay competitive in the field.

In the wellness industry, staying up to date with the latest methods and training is key to ensuring her business is leading in the space. It was also the right time for her to seize the opportunity to expand her studio with hopes of expanding into franchising, but she needed working capital to cover the overhead while she took those next steps towards growth. She had a long-term goal in mind. That’s when she called us.

Small Business Challenge: Covering Overhead as You Grow

Long-term Growth: It takes money to grow a business. Small businesses are no exception. We believe the tools to invest in that growth should be easily accessible.

Get through Slow Season: Access to extra cash flow to work through a slow stretch is a necessity for a small business. We can help.

Hiring Challenges: Offering competitive pay is essential in today’s job market. A cash infusion jumpstarts the workforce expansion you need.

Employee Development: Staying competitive means investing in training your employees. An investment in them is an investment in the future of your business.

I have to feel that a company has my best interests in what I’m trying to do and will continue to help me if I need it.

Why Reliant Funding

After receiving the funding, Nancy had the power to expand her staff which will ultimately increase her profits. She knew the busy season was approaching and she needed help gearing up for that expansion while going through a slow season. That extra influx of cash helped cover overhead and allowed her to invest in the search to hire and train qualified therapists. She is now on the fast track to franchising Structura and setting herself up for retirement as the ultimate endgame.

I’ve had several cash advance loans. My experience with Reliant has been exceptional. In the past, I felt like I was dealing with questionable companies that were only out for themselves. Reliant Funding has a level of professionalism that made me feel comfortable in my decision to do business with them.

Reliant Funding works with small business owners at all phases of growth. With most clients, the ability to get funding quickly can help them capitalize on opportunities and reach their end game quicker. For Nancy, that meant growing her workforce and setting the path to open more locations to secure her future.

Since 2008, Reliant Funding has been helping American business owners access the capital they need to build and grow their businesses. Over the past ten years, we’ve been privileged enough to work with over 10,000 companies and have funded over one billion dollars.  We know your business is unique, which is why we’ve developed the fastest, simplest and most flexible business funding solution available in the market today.

I felt that my representative wanted to help my business grow and she was truly genuine. That made me feel comfortable with the process.

Please think of us as the ultimate business partner to help you through every slow season, busy season and especially when the timing is right to expand operations. Are you ready for Reliant Funding to make an impact on your business? Tell us about your business.


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