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Transportation of Goods Checklist [Infographic]

May 17, 2019

We work with thousands of transportation business owners each year. With every different industry we serve, we have found different challenges. Earlier this week, we posted a complete guide to managing the operations of your transportation business. Today we have a downloadable checklist for your employees to use. (Download and transcript below)

Transportation of Goods Infographic

Checklist for Transportation of Goods

Before Loading Cargo

  • The right vehicle
  • Correct loading equipment and methods
  • The best material to secure cargo
  • The number of lashings or chains to best secure the cargo
  • Ensure load platform and bodywork are clean

While Loading and Securing Cargo

  • Allowed vehicle weight and axle-load distribution
  • Lighter goods at the top, heavier goods on bottom
  • Loading cargo in accordance with 2nd, 3rd, 1st planned unloading sequence
  • No unnecessary space between cargo
  • Securing materials are in good condition
  • Securing arrangements should not damage cargo, and cargo should not damage securing arrangements
  • Securing arrangements distribute weight evenly

During the Journey

  • Check cargo at periodic intervals
  • If cargo is unloaded, redistributed or loaded- recheck the cargo securing
  • Drive safe and smoothly, without unexpected changes in direction and speed
  • In case of emergency, braking or direction change, check the cargo at the nearest stop



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