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Transportation Business Overcomes Seasonality Challenges with Fast Funding

Feb 18, 2019

Trucking Company Uses Funds to Combat Slow Season and Expand Business

After getting his commercial driver’s license and working for a big trucking company, Yasiel Castillo was inspired to work for himself instead. At 18 years old, he founded his own transportation logistics business called Yellow Star Logistics. What started as a single truck trucking company grew into a larger operation with four trucks and a successful track record.

The company prides itself on its extensive network and excellent delivery services to get shipments to their destinations and on time. Based in Florida, their Yellow Star Logistics solutions take a differentiated approach based on in-depth industry knowledge to engineer an innovative and unique network for their customers. They know that a business can only succeed when each part of the chain functions at its optimal level, and they partner with clients to make that happen.

Yasiel’s main commodity offering was providing hauling transportation services for the fish industry. However, with the slow summer season, he wanted to expand his services and invest in a sector which is in higher demand. He had his sights set on the booming flower industry in Florida and knew it would yield a high return on investment when business picks up again in the Fall.

One of the biggest challenges in the transportation and logistics industry is the slow summer season.

Challenges for a Trucking Company During a Slow Season

Cash Shortfall: Maintaining healthy cash flow is essential for small businesses but sometimes a boost is needed, and that’s where we come in.

Business Expansion: You should be able to pursue and invest in opportunities as they arise. Having access to fast, flexible funding ensures you can. Reliant Funding can help with that.

Diversify Offerings: Would you invest in your business today for a higher return tomorrow? It’s one of the smartest ways our clients use Reliant Funding’s funding opportunities.

Sometimes, as a small business owner, you just need working capital.

Why Reliant Funding

Most small business owners experience a slow season. We speak with owners every day looking for working capital to cover the lull or even invest in future opportunities during the slow times.

I tried other companies, and the customer service was lacking. You should always pick up the phone for your clients and respond to emails. That’s great customer service. I found that in Reliant.

Yasiel wanted to pursue expansion opportunities into the flower industry but lacked the cash flow to invest in what he knew what going to be a successful venture. He called Reliant Funding to access a quick cash infusion to see him through the slow summer season and put towards an investment to increase commodity offerings on the logistics side. He plans to lease a small warehouse to house the flowers. Without easy access to funds, he wouldn’t have been able to branch out from the fish business into the flower business expansion during a slow season. Since he is diversifying his industries, this will allow him to increase revenue and take on more clients.

The investment will also allow Yasiel to branch out into other industries. Yellow Star Logistics now has the potential bring in an increase of annual sales by as much as 50 percent. Yasiel plans to secure additional funding to invest in more contract agreements with a variety of local vendors to continue his expansion plans. One of the best things you can do for your business is to have a back-up in case something happens.

I chose Reliant because they gave me the opportunity to get the funds when other companies were giving me a hard time. It was also so easy to contact my rep. The open communication was easy.

We believe lack of access to cash shouldn’t hold a small business owner back no matter what obstacles they face. We love to empower small businesses and see them thrive as a result. We also believe in the power of impeccable customer service. That’s how Reliant Funding stands out above the rest.

Every business is unique, which is why we’ve developed the fastest, simplest and most flexible business funding solution available in the market today. If you recognise an exciting opportunity for your existing small business but lack the capital you need to execute on it, we have dedicated account representatives waiting to assist. Learn more about how we can help your business by connecting with us today.

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