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Top Tech Tools for Construction Business Owners in 2020

Mar 16, 2020

Running a construction business requires planning and coordination. There are many moving parts in this industry like; hiring labor during a job or purchasing last-minute equipment to meet a deadline. Moreover, construction business owners are responsible for the overall financial success of every project. No matter what specific hurdle you are jumping over, there is likely a technological tool to assist. However, the question is, do you have the time to find the right one?

After speaking with hundreds of construction business owners annually, we know that time is valuable. To make sure that you can make the most of your time spent working on growing and maintaining your business, we have compiled a list of top apps and tech tools for your industry. Below is the list of top apps and tech tools for planning and executing projects to completion, bidding, contracting and workflow management.

For additional information on any of these apps, more ratings and more detail, download the full-length apps and tech tools guide here.

Bidding and Contracting Tools and Apps


5-Star Rating: 3.9

This app makes breaking down massive projects manageable. From the same platform, you can not only break down the project but also issue bid requests. Kukun also lets you choose subcontractors from your list as well as look for new ones.


5-Star Rating: 5

Bidtracer is a subcontractor construction management system that can help your team bid for the right project and complete them without overhead costs. Instead of being an app, this is a web-based software, but it is mobile compatible.


5-Star Rating: 3.5

Creating an estimate for a project is a complex task and can be prone to error. This tool boasts better results than MS Excel. It also boasts real-time assistance with CRM, digital take-offs and reporting! ProEst would be a good app if getting estimates to future clients is on your to-do list.

Planning, Execution and Workflow Management Tools and Apps


5-Star Rating: 4.7

Fieldwire is a field management software for construction businesses. It powers thousands of job sites around the world. The project manager and worker can both utilize this tool that takes care of end-to-end operations.


5-Star Rating: 4.7

Job Progress is a fully customizable workflow management app built exclusively for contractors. This tool reduced the complexity and effort associated with running a construction business.


5-Star Rating: 4.6

Creating a floorplan can be tedious, but MagicPlan was created to make this task easier. All you do is take a picture of a room with a phone camera, and the app will create a 2D floorplan from the photo. This app also gives users information on materials required for their cost estimates.


5-Star Rating: 4.7

Raken helps by automatically generating daily reports from user inputs from construction projects. The app also comes with a comprehensive dashboard that gives leaders an overview of the project’s progress.


5-Star Rating: 4.5

Contractors and construction business owners both use this tool. This app houses all project data in one place. Clients can see the project status and contractors can get instant information on schedules and budgets.

Zoho Creator

5-Star Rating: 4.1

This tool contains an app deck that allows the user to customize their creator from 50 plus apps. Zoho Creator houses apps that carry out various tasks like sales, logistics, distribution and more. This app also lets you develop and customize existing apps to fit your business needs.


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