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This Week’s Best Small Business Retail Reads Vol. 3

Aug 17, 2018

Each week we comb the web to find the best articles for small business owners. This week we have focused in on valuable content for the retail sector.

Shoppers Seeking Convenience Will Drive Adoption Of Unmanned Retail

Thinking of starting a retail business or improving the store you own? Read this article to find out what is coming to the retail sector for easier consumer shopping habits. Unmanned retail is a concept of the near future, so make sure to take into consideration the upcoming trends for your business to succeed in the industry.

Creating The Ultimate Digital Customer Experience

Evoking a unique experience for your customers is key to trickling out the competition and increases loyal followers. If you are looking for ways to vamp up style and intrigue consumers, then try implementing a few digital tactics that retail TouchPoints suggest are great for company success.

As the 2018 holiday season looms, online retailers need to get returns just right

Returning items after the holiday season is the last thing consumers want to do! Long lines and paying to send unwanted items back, break a buyer’s loyalty to your company. Seek out packaging solutions that will make a shorter and carefree return process for you and your customers.

3 Very Simple Ways Your Local Business Can Compete With Online Sellers

If you own a brick and mortar store, you might want to consider implementing a hybrid system for your shoppers. Allow them to browse through your store online; some downfalls are arising for retail shops that don’t offer e-commerce due to customers trying to save time. This article discusses ways that business owners can increase their chances against online sellers like Amazon.

How a 31-Year Old Pet Store Thrives in the Age of Big Box, Amazon and Chewy

CEO and owner of The Hungry Puppy offers guidance to business owners as they scale up to large retailers in the industry. This is a short read on how he has been able to remain competitive and
continue to grow a large customer base.

How to Use Gift Cards to Grow Your Retail Business

With the holiday season quickly approaching business owners should be stocking their shelves with gift cards and making e-cards available for shoppers to send via email to their friends and family. This is a simple way small business owners can increase their revenue and even gain new customers.

The Facts And Myths Of The Retail Apocalypse That Isn’t Approaching

Are online stores instilling fear of uncertainty for your business? According to Forbes, consumers are still predominantly shopping in stores rather than through e-commerce. Reading this article can help business owners stay focused on the success of their company rather than the fear of it being shut down.


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