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This Week’s Best Small Business Reads Vol. 1

Jul 25, 2018

Every week, we search the web to find the best articles and blogs to bring value and inspiration to your small business ventures.

Here are the top finds this week:

  1. Thinking About Starting a Customer Loyalty Program?
    Have you considered ways to build loyalty among your customers? Small Business Trends interviewed CEO of Wilbur about an easy to use loyalty program for the customer and the business owner. Read this blog for tips on how to incorporate a loyalty program that best suits your business.
  2. The Biggest Mistake Small-Business Owners Make
    When starting a small business, the first few years can be hectic. Alexandra Lozano, attorney, and author of “Be the CEO of Your Law Firm: Gain Control, Turn a Profit, Reclaim Your Life,” shares the biggest mistakes to avoid as you navigate your way to success. For advice to make sure you are taking the right steps to organize and coordinate a plan that will help build your business, this is a good read.
  3. Take a Shot At Creative Redemption When Rebranding Your Small Business
    Rebranding a company is a prominent issue among many startups. If you aren’t capturing the right clientele or are wanting to appeal to a different target segment, rebranding is a necessary step to take. Read this article for advice on selecting the right brand for you.
  4. 5 Must-Have Tools for Your Small Business
    Staying organized and on top of a variety of schedules can cause unnecessary stress and confusion. Some of these tools are great at keeping track of time management for you and your team! Read on!
  5. Amazon Prime Day: E-commerce Success Isn’t Just for Big Retail
    Need the confidence to expand online? Small businesses can utilize the web for selling items and reaching a broader customer base just like the competition that’s out there. If your thinking of improving your online presence and putting a focus on e-commerce, take a look at this blog.

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