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This Week’s Best Small Business Construction Reads Vol. 2

Aug 10, 2018

Each week we search far and wide for the best resources for you and your growing business. This week’s focus is on the construction industry:

5 Site Safety Tips to Stay Cool During a Heatwave

Temperatures are hitting record highs this summer and construction workers are at the peak of it. Your employees are utmost important and need to stay healthy to complete projects on time. Know how to battle the heat and help your hard workers stay cool and hydrated during these heatwaves.

7 Major Trends That Will Impact the Construction Industry

Keeping up with trends in the construction industry can be tough as it is constantly improving.
Technology advances will help projects go faster and create safer environments for your workers; this article explains what to pay attention to in the industry to stay competitive and profitable.

Bridging the skills gap: Five ways to attract millennials into construction

With middle-aged construction workers retiring, the industry is in need of hiring the younger generations to replace them. If you own a construction business read this to help create ideas and ways you can bring millennials on to your team.

Construction Labor Shortage Creates Increasingly Lucrative Career Paths

Due to the labor shortage within the industry, salaries are on the rise for construction workers. Knowing there is a high demand and not enough workers, make sure your business is ready to provide the pay they are looking for. This article will give you more insight into why this shortage is growing and how you can help support careers for incoming construction workers.

The new age of construction and architectural design

This article discusses Yulio, a VR product that helps contractors communicate and demonstrate building designs to clients, allowing them to see what it would be like after construction. This is a pivotal technology advancement for construction companies to exceed client expectations.

Top 10 Construction Management Software Systems For Your Company

Managing a contracting business can be stressful, if you haven’t already, try implementing a software system that can take some of the pressure off. This outlines the most favorable systems that will help you organize, keep track and stay on top of all the projects you have going on.

7 Easy Steps to Refurbish your Construction Business’ Social Media

Developing social media platforms for your business is important in today’s construction industry. This can be an excellent way for you to share your work and post videos of unique techniques you use to update followers and build a client list.


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