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The Holy Grail of Success Lies in a Great Sales Team

Feb 16, 2017

A killer sales force is the backbone of any business. This is especially true for a small business where every sale counts. As a financial services company, Reliant Funding relies on amazing sales managers to lead the sales staff that supports our clients through the application processes.

Anyone leading or working on a sales team knows every day, week and month has peaks and valleys.  We spoke with one of Reliant’s Sales Directors of Sales Development to see what he focuses on every day. Here’s his take:

Realize that everyone is human

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Identifying each of those and leveraging the strengths and constantly improving on the weaknesses is key.

Everyone is unique

Everyone has his/her own individual personality. Having a relationship with each person, understanding what their goals are and what motivates them is crucial. What inspires one person may not do it for another.

Treat your team as you would a client

As a sales leader, make sure everyone on the team is being taken care of and receive the best leadership possible. Strive to make sure they are happy and sold on the company vision. By properly managing relationships with each one and forging deeper connections, they are driven to work harder.

Be engaged

It’s important to be engaged and take full responsibility for the team’s success and for their failures. Nobody wants to work for someone that sits in an ivory tower and points a finger. People want to know their manager has their back and is in the trenches right next to them.

Set the right example

A sales team needs to see a leader in action and know that person is in a leadership role because they succeeded as a sales rep and is now performing well as a manager.

Nurturing a team culture

A team culture is key to ensuring that everyone pushes themselves and celebrates the victories together. A team is much stronger than any individual. Create a “family” environment and make everyone know they are a part of something bigger, because they are. Nothing beats job satisfaction that comes from accomplishing goals, then celebrating those triumphs.

Reward them

It’s simple: reward your team when they work hard. Put them on a pedestal (awards and recognition) and give something to look forward to when they perform well and succeed at predefined goals. We have a President’s Club incentive in place at the end of the year which includes a special, fun trip to locations each would like to visit but generally don’t.

The bottom line is to fully support those who work for your customers in meaningful ways. It may be the best investment you ever make.


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