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Summer Productivity Slump? Create Incentives for Employees

Jul 31, 2017

If you had to choose between sitting under florescent lights or the sun on a nice day, you would probably go with the latter. You can bet your employees feel the exact same way. Have you noticed dips in energy and more restless, unfocused faces? Here are a few ways you can offset those summertime office blues and incentivize your employees:

Announce a surprise early Friday

That’s right. Close up shop and kick everyone out a couple hours early on select summer Fridays. Tell them to finish up and get out. They won’t argue. Many companies adopt this tactic to keep employees engaged and it really is a pleasant surprise to leave early at the end of a long week.

Host a lunchtime BBQ

Bring in a food truck or host a BBQ for your employees. It helps to break up the day and let’s be honest – who doesn’t love delicious (and free) food? We’ve seen offices hire the best BBQ place in town before the 4th of July or bring in a taco truck for Cinco de Mayo. Everyone loves food and the gesture won’t go unappreciated.

Let them work from home

There are countless articles that make the case for employees to telecommute. In fact, more businesses are moving towards this trend to help employees achieve a better work/life balance. If the idea of occasionally allowing employees to work from home makes you uneasy, check out this study on how it actually raises productivity. This may not work for all businesses but it might for yours.

Offer employees the opportunity to attend premiere local events

Hold a drawing or a contest to give employees the chance to win tickets to see a local band, comedy show or beer/food festival. Offering up freebies is a huge morale booster.

Get active as a company

There are different ways you can arrange this for your company. Rally up a company team for flag football or softball. Here at Reliant, we like to participate in the annual Fit Company Challenge when the weather warms up. Fit Company hosts challenges all over the country for friendly competition against other local companies. It’s a great team building experience and it gets everyone outdoors.


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