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See the Signs: 5 Signage Mistakes You Can Avoid

Apr 13, 2017

Signs are everywhere. So much so, that we often take them for granted. But for a business owner, selecting signage is one of the most visually important investments you can make. It’s a creative way to brand your business and attract new customers. Of course there are ways to promote yourself for free, but after all the blood sweat and tears you pour into your business, you owe it to yourself to give sign selection the thought and consideration it deserves.

We spoke with a few owners of signage companies from across the country and asked what mistakes they see business owners make when looking to invest. Here’s what they said:

1. Buying the least expensive materials to save money

To save money, most small business owners buy the cheapest cost materials. Typically they’ve called around to about three other places and they go with the lowest price they find. It’s a mistake because you have to remember that quality is always dictated by the price. Upfront, it sounds good initially because it’s cheaper, but quality always wins out because they may end up spending more money to fix a cheaply made sign that didn’t turn out as they envisioned.

2. Trying to fit too much on a single sign

In general, the larger the font on the sign the better. A lot of businesses try to cram too much on one sign and it can’t be read as you pass by in a car or try to see it from the street.

3. Ordering the wrong size

As a general rule, a sign will look up to 30% smaller after it’s installed than when you are standing right in front of it up close.  Business owners should take that into consideration when deciding on sign size.

4. Not having a good grasp on what your business needs and not consulting before deciding

Knowing what you need can eliminate a lot of the issues owners face when ordering signage. You should always have the representative come out and take a look at the site where the sign will be displayed. They are the experts.

5. Not triple proofing your final sign content layout

This one should be easy, but there are times when people send us their work and we double check for them but sometimes mistakes can be missed by the owner in the final proof. It does happen.

We hope these tips straight from the pros help if/when you decide to revamp your signage.


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