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Reliant Funding Launches SBAXpress Program to Bridge the Gap for Small Businesses

Jan 9, 2019

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Reliant Funding, a leading small business finance provider announced today the launch of the SBAXpress program. The Reliant Funding SBAXpress program was created to simplify and expedite access to capital for Small Businesses nationwide.  The SBA program, while beneficial and well structured, is slow with a complicated process.  Reliant Funding’s SBAXpress combines the best aspects of SBA with immediate access short-term capital by streamlining and accelerating access to capital. The SBAXpress program provides access to both traditional SBA funding and immediate capital via Reliant Funding’s core product and gives Reliant Funding clients the benefits of the SBA Loan program and alleviates the wait for funding.

SBA Loans are a highly sought-after way for a small business to acquire long-term, low-cost funding for up to $5MM. While an SBA Loan is a great option, one downside is the length of the entire approval and funding process.  The amount of time it takes to finalize an SBA loan largely depends on the SBA Lender’s timeline.  On average, the traditional SBA process can take up to 90 days. However, with the SBAXpress program, Reliant Funding can provide funding in as little as two business days, up to $250,000 as a bridge to receipt of SBA funding.  Now a business with an immediate need for cash doesn’t have to wait months for an SBA loan to fund. Reliant Funding can get them the money they need with the client selected option to repay their Reliant provided funding once their SBA loan comes through.

Why SBAXpress?

Business owners who are interested in beginning the Small Business Administration application and loan process but have immediate working capital needs can find satisfaction with alternative financing. SBAXpress gives business owners what they need – fast access to working capital coupled with a preferred bank partner application for a Small Business Administration loan. Funding for SBAXpress is provided by Reliant Funding, one of America’s leading alternative financing companies and Reliant Funding’s bank partners. Since 2008, Reliant Funding has provided over $1.2 Billion to small businesses nationwide. Reliant provides the initial working capital and connects owners to an SBA Preferred Lender who will guide them through the SBA application process.

With the Reliant Funding SBAXpress process, business owners can get funding in as little as two days, instead of waiting months to complete the process through traditional banks and funding sources.

How an Application with SBAXpress Works in 3 Easy Steps

  1. SBAXpress connects business owners with direct fast funding options to address immediate needs.
  2. SBAXpress connects business owners with an SBA Preferred Lender who will guide them through the application and loan process.
  3. Business owners quickly receive the funds to grow, build, expand in the form of SBAXpress.

“While a loan with the SBA is a beneficial and viable solution for many small business owners, Reliant recognizes the importance of access to fast working capital and assistance with this process,” said Founder and CEO of Reliant Funding,Adam Stettner. “With our SBAXpress program, we aim to ease the strain of waiting for funds by offering a financial bridge to accelerate the delivery of needed capital.”

About Reliant Funding

Headquartered in San Diego with offices in New York, Reliant Funding provides customized, short-term funding to small and mid-sized businesses nationwide. Recognized for six consecutive years by Inc. Magazine among the 5000 fastest growing privately held companies in America. For more information, please visit https://www.reliantfunding.com/.

Media: pr@reliantfunding.com

SOURCE Reliant Funding

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