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Reliant Employees Win the San Diego Fit Company Challenge 2016

Mar 11, 2016

On March 5th, companies in the San Diego metro area participated in the Fit Company Challenge, a corporate fitness contest hosted by the Fit Company Institute. It provided local companies an opportunity to demonstrate the value of living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

In teams of 3 to 4, participants worked to complete a variety of fitness stations designed to test the team member’s fitness and earn points towards their company’s overall score. Reliant took first or second place in nearly every category.

This one-day team fitness challenge is held annually to spark enthusiasm for fitness and health in the business community. It brings together teams with varying fitness levels to improve their health in a fun way. The challenge helps companies thrive by making their employees the best they can be, a win-win proposition.

“The effort and teamwork was inspiring to me,” said Adam Stettner, Reliant Funding CEO who also took part. Some employees trained for the event individually while others prepared as a team, beginning in December 2015.

San Diego Fit Company Challenge 2016 - Team Reliant Funding


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