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Reliant CEO on the CEO radio show Market Pulse ESPN 1700

Nov 7, 2012

Adam Stettner (President/Founder) of Reliant Services Group was interviewed for ‘The CEO Radio Show’ on MarketPulse ESPN Radio 1700 regarding moving from Wall Street to moving to the west coast and forming Reliant to assist small businesses with financing options to encourage success.

Click here to listen to the full (commercial free) interview: CEO Radio Show – Adam Stettner

The following is an excerpt from the interview:

If a business needs capital, wants capital, for anything we’re their solution. If they want to buy equipment, we can finance equipment for them. If they need working capital for a specific project, we can finance the project. If they just need bridge money to get them through a slow period of time, cyclical business seasonal business, we can smooth out the gaps throughout the year and give them smooth cash flow or if they’re in a bind on their tax bill. You name it…

Good credit bad credit…it’s more about from our point of view what do they need the money for and are we the right solution. We’re the first to say if we’re not the right solution. But I would say nine times out of ten we’re going to take the time to learn about the business and determine whether or not A we fit, and the nine out of ten times that we do, which product is the right product for our client regardless of where the margin is for us. We’re not after earning business once. We’re after earning a client that’s going to stick around.



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