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November is National Entrepreneurship Month

Nov 17, 2021

The corporate community around the US celebrates National Entrepreneurship Month every year in November. Many businesses, such as Reliant Funding, offer discounts and deals to help small enterprises to commemorate the spirit of entrepreneurship all around. This week only, Reliant Funding is waiving Origination Fees, up to $495, for small businesses who fund before Friday 11/19/2021.

The idea is to celebrate the efforts behind designing, launching, and operating a new business to make profits while avoiding risks.

National Entrepreneurship Month: A Brief History

In 2011, then US President Barrack Obama declared November to be the National Entrepreneurship Month to celebrate the achievements and success of innovators and entrepreneurs around the country. This initiative’s primary motive was to support upcoming entrepreneurs by providing them access to capital and utilizing mentorship opportunities.

Our standard of living grows as entrepreneurs realize better business opportunities to reap profitability while contributing to the betterment of society. So, every year the business community and local government gather to encourage the invention and innovation of new technology to solve problems.

Modern-day entrepreneurs are vital to the economies around the globe. Furthermore, the modern technology, social media, and globalization of marketplaces have ushered in an era of competition for entrepreneurs all over the world.

As the means of production get cheaper, it has allowed entrepreneurs to reap the rewards. However, it has also brought a challenge as more new entrepreneurs enter the market with newer business ideas every year.

What is the Date for National Entrepreneurship Day 2021?

The nation celebrates National Entrepreneurship month on the 3rd Tuesday of November every year. This year, the celebrations for national entrepreneur day will be on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

Importance of National Entrepreneurship Month

Several benefits mark National Entrepreneurship Month as a significant annual event.

It is Beneficial for U.S Economy

With more entrepreneurs entering the market, the country’s economy will grow stronger. It not only generates money to drive the economy, but more businesses will also create more jobs.

Improving the Living Standards

With new entrepreneurs, come innovations, inventions, and technologies which then contribute to improving the standard of living of the US citizens.

One technology can help the new idea. For example, smartphones and social media can help entrepreneurs a larger target audience instantly and grow their business more rapidly than ever before.

National Entrepreneurship Month Contributes towards Social Development

This month brings along the sense of unity and community spirit amongst the people sharing common goals. Entrepreneurs highlight their products and services to fulfill customers’ needs better than before. This national unity within the business community nurtures innovation to contribute towards economic and social development.

How Can You Observe National Entrepreneurship Month 2021

While there is no set-in-stone rule to observe this auspicious event, you can follow the following steps to do your part in celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month in November.

  • You can support the local entrepreneurs and businesses in your city or town. Shop at your local retail store or go out for dinner at your favorite restaurant. In short, do whatever you can do to give your local entrepreneurs the business they deserve.
  • Are you a successful entrepreneur yourself? In that case, you can offer to mentor a budding entrepreneur. All they may need is a little nudge in the right direction to improve their business processes by leaps and bounds and contribute to making US economy better.
  • Do you think you have an idea that will be a great business venture? In that case, go for it and make your dream a reality. Who knows, your idea may be more helpful than you think. Therefore, become an entrepreneur yourself and contribute to making your community’s life better. There is a wide range of resources available out there, including social media, mentoring programs, and small business loans. All you need is a bit of motivation and confidence to take the first step towards entrepreneurship, and National Entrepreneurship Month is the best time to do it.

Continue Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Reliant Funding

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