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Key Technologies Used by Healthcare Businesses 2019 [Infographic]

Sep 18, 2019

The transcript for this infographic is available below.

Technology for Healthcare Industry Infographic

Top Digital Health Technologies used in Healthcare 2019

  • 30.10% Big Data Analytics
  • 24.50% AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • 14.80% mHealth
  • 10.20% Wearables
  • 6.10% Cloud
  • 5.10% Robotics
  • 3.10% 3D Printing
  • 1.50% Blockchain
  • 1.50% Augmented Reality
  • 3.10% Other

Trending Digital Themes in Healthcare

Smart Care

This improves results and makes healthcare cost-effective by:

  • Continuous Monitoring: vital sign monitors
  • Coordinated Systems: electronic health records

Care Anywhere

This moves healthcare closer to home and boasts:

  • Connected Home: Patient portals
  • Virtual Care Systems: Telemedicine Apps/ Virtual Care Apps

Empowered Care

This enables effective self-care for patients through:

  • Medical Advisory online forums
  • Personal Tracking via wearable devices

Intelligent Care

This is an upgrade in healthcare and monitoring efficiency.

  • Predictive Analysis: big data analytics
  • Robotic Surgery: virtual reality

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