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Jeweler Doubles Gross Annual Sales with Alternative Funding

Sep 23, 2019

Joseph Remini has owned The Texas Silver Rush for 19 years and when he first began his business, traditional lending wasn’t willing to give him what he needed to see major growth. It wasn’t until he started working with Reliant Funding when he saw his business evolve into what it is now. This past year has seen a 38% growth of revenue. Joseph has also been able to use Reliant dollars to fund his cash flow so that he can focus on saving money for the business and achieve his dreams. We sat down with him for an interview to discuss his process.

successful business owner the texas silver rush

How did you get the idea for The Texas Silver Rush?

Having lunch one day. I need a college fund for my kids and wrote a business card on a napkin during lunch. I took a business trip to Fortworth and had an experience making beaded and silver jewelry and thought, this is it. That was in November and I opened my business in February.

What is the “why” that drives you as a business owner?

In my own journey in the air force I was a highly decorated analyst, we flew primarily against the Northern Korean air force. We worked with intensity and were trained to be rock stars. When I was in the civilian world, there were too many people with master’s degrees making thirty-five thousand a year. There is nothing wrong with making that a year but that salary wasn’t going to provide for my family the way I needed it to. I thought, “I can be working at the higher intensity”, the challenge was in the entrepreneur world. I couldn’t see myself in the 9-5. I had more to offer.

I know this isn’t the question you asked but on this side of it…

I am a big Dave Ramsey fan and he talks about being debt free and Richard Kawasaki developing businesses systems. I look at what I get from Reliant, not as a debt but as an investment to where I am going. Money isn’t my driver. We get to encourage people and be the kind of business that others want to emulate. People should feel peace and genuine concern in the 15 minutes they come in. Being in a resort town helps a lot, we get repeat customers who love Fredricksburg and we appreciate those people very much.

What drove you to look for funding?

I actually started with a different funding company. My second son did multiple tours with an elite and exclusive group. While he was gone I tried to do what I could for him, as I do for all my children. While he was gone, the transmission went out on his truck and it was a $6,000 repair. I got my financials together because I was going to go to the bank and apply. I got an ad in my credit card statement and was funded the next day.

alternative funding for small business

They weren’t like Andrew, they weren’t like reliant. I wasn’t pleased with them, the way they were taking payments and other details.

I saw an ad for reliant knowing that I wanted to work with a company that had some integrity. I came to make the decision to move my business over.

How have you used our funding again and again?

I run my business like a triangle. On one side there are the customers who come in each day and on the other side are custom pieces for rock stars. We worked for Ringo Star last year and they asked that we only make pieces for him, very custom pieces. The cost to create a one off is much higher than what I could use funding for. However, Reliant helps with the orders for the everyday customer that keeps our business running. We were able to adjust our development process and it has allowed me to maintain high-quality pieces in stock. I can now serve my ideal customer.

How would you describe Reliant Funding to someone who doesn’t know what we do?

When you are looking at “traditional” sources of funding, Reliant should be considered a traditional source of business funding. We are going to break a million this year. When we started funding with reliant our annual sales were $350,000 and now were at over $700,000. We are unleashing a powerful website. Funding from reliant should be considered among your first choice of funding.

If you had not found Reliant Funding, what would have the financial impact been?

I had a small engineering firm with Lockheed Martin, family farming ranch in community, was in the air-force, and had a great business. I told my banker I wanted to start a business and ended up starting my business with ten thousand dollars. When I asked him for funding initially, he looked at me and said Joe, I will give you a personal loan for ten thousand but not a business loan. He said, your business plan is on a napkin. He told me my other option was to get a certificate of deposit and wait. If it wasn’t for Reliant Funding my growth would be significantly slower than it has been. 38% increase from last year but our sales have been up over 40% easily.

I will tell you that Reliant has given me piece of mind. I know I am with a company that cares about me, is wiling to grow with me. It gives me piece of mind knowing this funding I took will get me through the holiday so I can concentrate on production. Were doing so much production because of y’alls support that we had to take out more space in storage!

Alternate funding for my small business

It has been 2 years since I started funding with Reliant. We have actually almost doubled our gross income because of our funding with you guys. What I was alluding to, is that it has also allowed us to update our website. This is a big step for us and the piece of mind is because I don’t have to worry about where the money is coming from. I can do what I need to do to execute my goals and I will be good through the holidays.

The ability for me to refinance as early as 50% repaid allows me to take advantage of opportunities as they come.

When it comes to managing cash flow, how did you feel about the daily payment structure with Reliant?

The easiest thing I have ever done. I made that commitment when I signed with you guys and I don’t even think about it. I have about 6 months of operating expenses saved, and all my employees can get paid. Your payment system is painless. My vendors are really impressed! If you come into my store, it is 500 square feet. Even with such a small store, I am on stage with Greg Growl and Ringo Star. I want to be someone who loves what they do and just thinking of the difference I can make to customers makes me happy to do what I do.

My mantra has been that: I can do this, bigger, faster and louder. It isn’t about you being the best, it’s about your team being the best. I love the people that I am with, we cross all types of customers and it is a beautiful thing.


$3,098,641,569 dollars funded