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Increase Leads With Content Marketing

May 5, 2015

A mistake many business owners make is relying on only one type of marketing to generate leads and gain traffic. There’s more than one way to generate new business from a marketing perspective.

The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell. You’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you. Content marketing can improve the amount of traffic coming to your website, and it also helps your site get better search rankings.

Every time you provide content, make sure the reader leaves learning something useful they did not know before. Targeted content doesn’t just build your authority in the marketplace – it can also help generate qualified leads.

A couple tips for any business to use to engage with content marketing are:

  1. Build a content marketing strategy: This strategy shows ways to engage an audience using content to drive profitable behaviors. Once a strategy is built, your company will need to document this plan and align it with a budget for the ultimate effectiveness. Think of the strategy as an outline of your customers’ needs and a detailed plan for how you will use content to address them. It should include goals that are clear and attainable. Revisit your plan from time to time, so it continues to be relevant to your customers.
  2. Use social media platforms: A few examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SlideShare. Some tactics include webinars, blogs, webcasts, videos, and case studies. Reach out to your target audience to get their attention about who you are and what your company provides. Having a varied social media plan lets you cast a wider net online. Social media platforms help build relationships and trust between the audience and the company, which will build your success. Contacts convert into leads when they are able to follow, track, research, and contact the company easily.

New, qualified leads drive growth for any sized company.  In our digital world, companies have a cost-effective opportunity to attract new customers through content marketing. Content educates the potential leads while luring them closer to your company. By using content marketing you will demonstrate how you understand what the consumer needs and will build trust and credibility with them.

Potential leads are doing the research. Your company needs to be out there on every platform with engaging content.


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