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Warm Up your Auto-Repair Sales During the Colder Months

Nov 20, 2018

Warm Up your Auto-Repair Sales During the Colder Months

Maintaining a car in the winter is quite a task. Leaving the engine running beforehand, clearing the windshield, checking your tire pressure and so much more to do can be a hassle. But being an auto repair mechanic during the colder months certainly isn’t any easier. Working in an open-air environment can be difficult, and numb fingers won’t help get the job done. The weather can be unforgiving and so can people’s cars. Brace yourselves for the coming winter with these tips meant to keep you warm and kindle your sales at your business.

It’s astonishing what car owners can forget to do for car maintenance during the colder months. The infographic below indicates where car owners forget to help their cars.

  • Prevention is Better than Cure: Much like a doctor would vaccinate before flu season, it’s better to have your customers come in for their auto tune-ups before the winter hits. Offer discounts for people coming in for a winter car check to boost the initial season traffic to your store.
  • Stock up on Auto Fluids: When winter sets in, most car fluids such as antifreeze, oils and transmission fluids are likely to thicken up. Most people would prefer changing their car fluids before the colder weather hits because of this, so make sure you’re well stocked up on fluids to change for your customers.
  • Have Batteries to Spare: One of the most common problems faced in the winter by car owners is a dead battery. Most owners with cars between 3-4 years would prefer to change their battery before the cold season as well. Keeping batteries in case of emergency will save you from going to a wholesale auto repair shop during the cold.
  • Dont wipe out Wipers: The winter is characterized by harsh rains and hailstorms. Many car owners fail to clear their windshields before turning on their wipers, which can cause the rubber of the wiper blades to get torn and transmission to break. Stock up spare wipers to do a quick change of broken blades and your customers are sure to appreciate how handy you are.
  • Spare Tires: Fluctuations in tire pressure can cause undue wear and tear on tires. Being stocked on winter tyres and offering discounts on them beforehand can appeal to your customers who are in dire need of them.

Finally, market yourself on social media throughout the season letting people know the car checks you offer and inventory you have that you can help out desperate car owners with. If you can offer home service to people within a certain district or locality, mention that in your ad copy as well so when people are stuck in a sticky situation they’ll immediately think of you for help. If you’re running low on cash to fund your marketing campaign or to buy the inventory you need, fill out a form at Reliant Funding to get easy-access capital within 48 hours and have a great season for your business!


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