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Honoring Our Veterans – Garrett Ortega | Reliant Funding

Nov 27, 2018

Veteran’s Day is the one day set aside to honor those who have served and continue to serve our nation. It’s also an excellent opportunity to teach civilians about the sacrifice service members have made and also to acknowledge them in the workplace. To show our appreciation in addition to our 2018 Veterans Day offer, all month long we will be featuring employees who have served our country before joining the Reliant Funding family.

Branch: U.S. Navy
Years active: 2006-2012
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class (E4)

What does being a veteran mean to you?

“Being a veteran means being a part of a group that has sacrifice everything to ensure that we can keep living freely.”

What inspired you to join the military?

“I was inspired to join the military from my family’s long history of serving. My father is a Marine and my Grandpa was a doctor in the Army. They are good role models in my life and I knew that if I joined the military that it could open up a lot of doors for me in the future.”

What experiences impacted you the most when you served?

“Being put in a leadership role as a young sailor impacted me the most when I served.  I was a CPR Instructor, an Assistant Chief Fitness Leader, leading my fellow sailors from 1 on 1 sessions to groups of 500, and was a Leading Petty Officer of a group of 13. I was always willing and able to step up to take on any challenge.”

In looking back on your time in service what are you most proud of?

“I am most proud of just having to opportunity to serve. I am a part of a group that is less than 10 percent of the United State Population who fought for the freedoms we have today.”

Does your time in the military continue to influence your life today? Do you apply anything from that time to your day-to-day life now?

“The military taught me many things but to name a few would not do it justice. I believe the one value that became stronger because of the military is commitment. Being committed to positive change and trying to grow a little bit every day is what I am for as a result. It’s easy to get complacent in life and it is important to try new things and not rest on your morals in all facets from personal to business.”

What advice do you have for veterans who were recently discharged or who are on the verge of a discharge?

“The advice I would give is to take advantage of every military benefit. Go to school and use your Post 911 GI Bill to get as many degrees as you can. Use your VA home Loan and go buy a home. Take care of yourself.”

For the entire month of November, in honor of America’s veteran-owned businesses, Reliant Funding is offering an exclusive promotion to thank them for their service and sacrifice. If a veteran-owned business completes an application and funds a Reliant Funding advance this month, they will be eligible to receive a $250 cash rebate for all fundings over $10,000. Additionally, if you are a veteran and current client of Reliant Funding who is eligible for a renewal, you may also take advantage of this promotion. The cash rebate will be paid upon the confirmed financing of the advance. Proof of past or current military service is required to participate. Call us for details at 1-888-239-7865 or apply now.


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