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Honoring Our Veterans – Chantelle Hughes | Reliant Funding

Nov 14, 2018

Veteran’s Day is the one day set aside to honor those who have served and continue to serve our nation. It’s also an excellent opportunity to teach civilians about the sacrifice service members have made and also to acknowledge them in the workplace. To show our appreciation, all month long we will be featuring employees who have served our country before joining the Reliant Funding family.

Chantelle Hughes (Underwriter, San Diego)

Branch: United States Navy (USS Enterprise CVN-65 Norfolk, VA 2009-2012)
Years active: 3
Rate: Operations Specialist
Rank: E-3

What does being a veteran mean to you?

Being a Veteran means to me that I have the pleasure of saying I was among many brave Men and Women who gave time to their country by serving. They didn’t think twice about having to travel away from family and friends; they didn’t complain about the workload, the sleepless nights or the living arrangements. They signed their name on the dotted line to represent their country in any way they could, some gave all, and all gave some. I’m proud to stand beside them, my fellow Veterans.

What inspired you to join the military?

In high school I did four years of Army JROTC, I liked the structure and discipline the military enforces. My Grandad and Stepfather served in the Air Force, and my Uncle served in the Army, I wanted to make them proud and be able to have the experiences and stories they always shared with me.

What experiences impacted you the most when you served?

Being onboard the USS Enterprise made me proud to be an American, to be a part of the Navy’s 1st nuclear-powered aircraft carrier just screamed patriotism to me and I felt it every day. I remember one moment that brought tears to my eyes; it was night flight ops when the aircraft was taking off and landing on the flight deck repeatedly. I was standing in the perfect spot to watch the whole thing and remember being so overwhelmed with pride for the crew.

In looking back on your time in service what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the memories I can take with me the rest of my life, the friendships I still have to this day and that I met my husband while serving. I can call myself a Sailor from the United States Navy for the rest of my life, knowing that I earned it and will always be proud.

Does your time in the military continue to influence your life today? Do you apply anything from that time to your day-to-day life now?

My time in the military continues to influence my life today; I am a military spouse to my husband who has been in 13 years now. Having served myself, I can fully understand everything my husband is going through which makes it easier to support him. The tools I learned while being active duty made me into the person I am today, I apply discipline and integrity to everything I do.

What advice do you have for veterans who were recently discharged or who are on the verge of a discharge?

The advice I have is to go to school, use your GI Bill and get an education then try to find something you are passionate about and go for that field. Being in the military and then entering the civilian force is like night and day and intimidating at times. However, with the tools you were given and the strength you naturally have, you will get through anything life throws at you from here on out.

For the entire month of November, in honor of America’s veteran-owned businesses, Reliant Funding is offering an exclusive promotion to thank them for their service and sacrifice. If a veteran-owned business completes an application and funds a Reliant Funding advance this month, they will be eligible to receive a $250 cash rebate for all fundings over $10,000. Additionally, if you are a veteran and current client of Reliant Funding who is eligible for a renewal, you may also take advantage of this promotion. The cash rebate will be paid upon the confirmed financing of the advance. Proof of past or current military service is required to participate. Call us for details at 1-888-239-7865 or apply now.


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