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Boost Your Sales this Holiday Season with these FREE Instagram Story Templates

Nov 15, 2018

This Instagram Story Template is perfect to showcase your small business’ Black Friday deals. Easily create a customizable, eye-catching Instagram story board that you can share on the days leading up to Black Friday, and even save to your Instagram profile for promotions!

This template has been designed to meet the needs of nearly every business looking to boost sales this holiday season. You can change text, include your business logo, change images – it’s 100% customizable to your needs.

A picture speaks volumes, so show your customers what your Black Friday sales are going to include. Bring your business to life today and surprise your followers!

What this package can do for you:

  • Includes 13 high-resolution templates
  • All backgrounds, images, and text can be changed to suit the business
  • Attractive font suggestions include
  • Boost your Black Friday promotions on Instagram
  • Reorder and res-use templates as your preference
  • Compact, easy to save, use, and share!

Steps to use this Template:

  1. Download this template. Open on PowerPoint and make any changes replacing text and any/all images.
  2. Save template as JPEG. Select “Save all slides” to convert all slides to JPEG images at once
  3. Transfer images to your phone and upload on your story!

Psst! You can add the template to your profile by clicking the highlight icon underneath each story!


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