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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Mother’s Day

May 8, 2018

According to National Retail Federation, May 13th will be a booming day for small businesses. Their study shows Americans will spend $23.1 billion on Mother’s Day this year and 23 percent of those surveyed plan to shop at a local small business. That’s a lot of money and opportunity to leverage the holiday and increase sales.  To help you capitalize on it, here are a few simple tactics to draw more customers in and maximize your marketing strategy.

Offer Free Shipping

The price of shipping stops many online shoppers in their tracks at checkout. According to Business Insider, 35.7% of shoppers abandon their carts once they see shipping fees. Take advantage of this snag in the customer journey and offer free shipping. If you offer this perk for Mother’s Day purchases, it’s likely to attract even more customers to your site. You can adjust this to reflect different deals; if they buy two or more items they get one free, or if they spend a certain amount or select dates in which free shipping applies. This creates incentive and helps you sell more items, so they hit the specified requirements.

Create Mother’s Day Packages

Curating a package deal for your customers is a win because of the convenience factor. Depending on your business you can also easily target for different interests with pre-made themed bundles. For example, cater to the mom who loves to garden, who needs a day of relaxation or a package for the on-the-go mom. Offering an specialized assortment to choose from makes shopping a little easier on the buyer. They can get everything they need in one stop and you’ll sell a variety of items to one customer.

Utilize Social Media

We conducted a survey on small business and social media and found more owners are using it to increase awareness and bring in revenue. Special days like Mother’s Day are golden opportunities to reach your customer base with sales offers. A creative way to engage is to run a social media contest. Jump onto popular hashtags like #MotherDay2018 and ask your customers to post their favorite photo of Mom. Tell them to mention your business for a free Mother’s Day gift package or discount promotion. Everyone loves opportunities to win free stuff. This tactic will work to get your company or services in front of more people and increase your engagement rate and followers.

Partner Up

As a small business owner in your community, you’re most likely well connected with other local businesses. Why not partner up for double the customer base? Brainstorm how you can cross-promote with businesses that don’t directly compete with yours. Consider setting up partnerships with local businesses who focus on catering to women for this Mother’s Day. Spas, women’s clothing stores and salons are good options. Ask to swap promotional marketing materials and form co-promotional offers for the day. If you choose a partner that has a large customer base, this can help increase yours.

Keep the Momentum

A great way to retain those new customers from the Mother’s Day hype is to offer promotions and discount offers for subsequent holidays. Entice them to come back with bounce back offers like discounts for Father’s Day, graduations or summer items. The idea is once you have a captive audience paying attention to your brand, keep your business top of mind with consist marketing and follow up efforts.

Stock up on Inventory

Managing your inventory correctly can make the difference between a profit or a loss. Knowing in detail what you’ll need and when you’ll need it allows you to begin shopping around ahead of time for low-cost suppliers and carrier services. Many small business owners cannot buy inventory upfront without compromising precious cash flow, but here are options available to help if you find yourself in a similar situation.

These are just a few ways to bring in new customers for Mother’s Day but don’t be afraid to innovate new marketing strategies. Every holiday is a new opportunity to build your business. Seize it! Want more? Check out these additional tried and true marketing tactics to stand out to your customers.


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