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Filling the Financial Gap for Small Business

Mar 16, 2017

Small Business Advocate Show

Earlier this week Adam Stettner, CEO of Reliant Funding, joined the Small Business Advocate Show to reveal how Reliant Funding uses alternative methods to help small businesses that aren’t bankable. as host Jim Blasingame and Adam discuss the positives and pitfalls of using banks and filling the gap for small businesses when they need to move fast.

In the last ten years or so, since the financial crisis, there’s been an evolution of product to help small business owners who struggle: a shorter term access to capital. Listen below to hear Adam’s take on the lending landscape and the issues those owners face.

“The majority of businesses aren’t bankable. It’s important for them to find the right partner that’s advocating on their behalf.”

Adam StettnerCEO, Reliant Funding


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