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Determine Your Small Business Goals for The New Year

Dec 31, 2014

Do you have a New Year’s resolution for your business? Even if you refuse to commit to a personal resolution for the new year, make sure you set one for your business. Any business, no matter how successful, always has room for new ideas and improvements. What better time to create a wish list for your business and resolve to stick to them? And as we all know, thinking of a New Year’s resolution is much easier than keeping one.

Let’s face it, we all have the best of intentions when we set goals for the new year. But there is always something that distracts us or gets in our way. Once we are faced with unexpected issues that have now climbed to the top of the priority list, the other goals we have set are now pushed to the bottom where we may never see them again.

When it comes to small business, we have to realize that sometimes we can’t wait until next year. This is because next year may never come. Unfortunately small businesses fail all the time, and for all sorts of different reasons. The best thing you can do to prevent that is to make sure you re-evaluate your business plans and goals.

Did you have plans for your business in 2014 that you didn’t get to? Were there things that you neglected that you want to focus on in 2015? What new trends or ideas are out there that you need to implement into your business? Do you have a plan on how you will execute your goals? Do you even know what resources are available to you to make your plans a reality?

Most people will answer “no” to one if not all of those questions. A common thing that impairs business growth is the inability to identify what you need to do, and how to do it.

You know you need a New Year’s resolution for your business, but have no clue where to start. So what are some things you should be thinking about in order to grow your business in 2015?

Refocus on marketing efforts

Make sure your website is current and relevant. Is your site user friendly? Having a mobile friendly version of your site could make the difference of gaining new clients or getting additional sales. Look at your content and make sure it is as strong as possible. Think about key words, SEO and Pay-Per-Click as well. Don’t forget about sending or updating newsletters, mailers and creating visually appealing flyers.

Be social media savvy

Are you up to date on all the latest social media trends? Could your business benefit from creating a Pinterest or YouTube page? Are you consistently adding new content and images as well as responding to questions and concerns on your Facebook and Twitter pages? Staying on top of your social media practices is an effective way to connect to and inform customers.

Research technology

Our world revolves around technology and it changes quickly. You may want to research to see if there is a more efficient accounting, filing or POS systems out there. Not all technology is right for all businesses. Be sure you understand what fits your business needs best.

Expand your relationship with customers

A key resolution every business should have is how to better engage with customers. Think of new ways to reach out and educate your customers. Try thinking of your customers in terms of a relationship and not as a transaction.

Invest in yourself

Your lobby needs a facelift, your menu need to be updated, your business needs new equipment or tools, is it time to expand? This is your year to make changes. The time is now! People frequent the places they feel comfortable at and like to be in. Make sure your business is one of those places.

Know your options

Now that you have started thinking about new ideas for your business, and the resolutions you are determined to stick to, how can you implement them? Are these goals even realistic or possible? The answer is YES! Most ideas will take resources and funds that you may not have access to.  But you have options and help is on the way.


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