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Customer Success Story: Kathi Broussard Cogen – Haven Home Furnishings

Oct 30, 2017

Boutique retail store, Haven Home Furnishings has been in business since 2013. Located in Lake Charles La., the owner Kathi Broussard Cogen opened the store with a passion for selling unique candle and jewelry collections from local designers.

Almost a year into Haven Home Furnishings ownership, Kathi was ready to move the business to the next level and expand. For her, that meant moving forward on inventory purchases and marketing initiatives so she could draw more customers and create her brand.

However, like many small business owners in the retail industry, she faced a huge road block which prevented her from moving forward: a lack of capital. It’s one of the most common challenges small business owners have when trying to forge their path to growth. Of the vast number of small businesses that fail each year, nearly half of the entrepreneurs state a lack of funding and working capital was the biggest challenge they faced. Without proper funding and cash flow, small and mid-size businesses fail to thrive.

After determining that a Reliant Funding customized solution was the right fit for her need, Kathi moved forward and accepted the personalized offer she was approved for. She said the process was quick and easy and the company had great follow up with anything she needed throughout the entire application process.

They give great customer service. And since I know what great customer service is, I certainly can understand how good theirs was.

Kathi Broussard CogenOwner, Haven Home Furnishings

The ability to quickly access funds is an important aspect for a small business owner because timing is usually of the essence. In Kathi’s situation, it was the perfect time to take her budding business and capitalize on expansion opportunities in front of her with marketing and inventory initiatives. Reliant Funding was able to deliver a quick and easy funding experience and follow up for Haven Home Furnishings.

“Reliant stepped in just at the perfect time, I wanted to expand the business and was running out of capital. They made such a difference in offering me money for cash flow,” Kathi said.

She invested the funds from Reliant into marketing and a new website for her business. She also purchased more inventory for her boutique store which was gaining new business daily. Within three weeks, Kathi saw an ROI on half the money she invested.

Finding an alternative finance company that understands the specific needs of a business and prioritizes good customer relations, makes all the difference throughout the funding process. Reliant Funding aims for this experience with their clients every time. Kathi shared this same sentiment.

“They give great customer service. And since I know what great customer service is, I certainly can understand how good theirs was,” said Kathi.

“If there is one thing I could ever say about Reliant Funding, is the next time I need funding, that is who I will go to for help.”

Reliant helps businesses in almost every industry by giving them the financial freedom to take advantage of expansion opportunities or to help weather the rough patches. Whatever the case, they offer a customized solution for every business designed to help, not hurt the health of the business. Want more customer success stories?


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