The Company Culture Conversation

Group of employees together showing pride in the company culture

What’s all the buzz about company culture?

The importance of developing and maintaining your company’s culture may be more valuable than you think. According to retired VP & Chief Growth Officer of Ashland Inc., Walter Solomon, corporate culture is one of the best low-cost marketing initiatives there is. Not only does it have the possibility of providing high returns, but maintaining happy employees, better products, better service, better work and bigger profits as well.

Due to their size and flexibility, small businesses often excel in having a distinct culture. Larger businesses may struggle due to governing rules and regulations that allow the company to stay organized and compliant. However, several large companies such as Google are known for their culture and the success it provides.

One of the most important keys to work culture is to make it public. Encouraging employees to speak about their environment invites outsiders to engage in it. Providing a warm and comfortable setting within your company is a sure way to inspire positive feedback and honorable work ethics. Employees come to work energized and happy because the company atmosphere promotes values and behaviors aligned with their own.

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