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Best Weekly Small Business Reads Vol. 5

Sep 14, 2018

Our weekly roundup of the most relevant articles pertaining to the small business world.

Marketing is the #1 Problem According to Small Businesses: 9 Ways To Do Marketing Effectively

It’s clear that getting repeat business, retaining customers and generating new ones is a huge focus point for all business owners. The question is, how do you do marketing and advertising effectively? How do you attract new customers with a positive ROI?

Mastering The Pivot As A Small Business Owner

If your first business model doesn’t work, you’re not making money, and your team is starting to disengage, you can redeploy the remaining assets and talent in an effort to find a more profitable business model. A successful pivot will increase motivation and ensure long-term financial sustainability.

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Be Stronger Working Together

If you’re a small business owner or manager, your resources pale in comparison to those of large competitors. You probably can’t fill the airwaves with commercials touting your company, and you don’t have a brand that automatically tells anyone walking by or seeing your logo who you are.

Cyber security threats against small businesses on the rise in 2018

In a world before social media, one with less people on the planet than electronic devices connected to the internet, shoplifters and annoying computer viruses posed the biggest threats to small businesses. But in the world today where connected devices outnumber people new data from the National Cyber Security Alliance suggests that almost 50 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber-attack.

U.S. Small Business Optimism Just Hit Its Highest Level in History

A measure of optimism among U.S. small-business owners rose to a record and exceeded projections as companies planned the most capital spending since 2007 and hiring intentions hit an all-time high, a National Federation of Independent Business survey showed Tuesday.

Revealed: The Toll Running A Small Business Takes On Your Health

Is working for yourself putting your health at risk? New research suggests small business owners are jeopardizing both their mental and physical health by working long hours and exposing themselves to stress.

Want to become an entrepreneur? Here are 29 small businesses you can start today

Are you a millennial stuck in a job you hate? Got kids but not earning enough to make ends meet? Still haven’t paid off that student loan? Maybe it’s time to start your own small business. I’ve got 29 great business ideas for those of you over 29 – and one business idea to avoid.

Is Your Business Data Breach Proof?

Today’s businesses need to find ways to protect themselves against data breaches. Beyond that, they also need to have a plan they can implement in response to them when they do occur. With this in mind, here are a few important tips you should always keep in mind to protect yourself, as well as your customers, employees, and brand.


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