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Daily Customer Workflow for your Auto Repair Business [Free Poster]

May 2, 2019

Customer service is an integral part of having an automotive related small business. The ability to ensure customer experience is good enough for them to tell their friends about will make or break the success of your business. Sometimes humans need a really easy way to visualize a process in order to execute that process well. For that, we have created a downloadable explanation of the customer experience and flow at an Auto-repair shop. Transcription is available below.


Daily Customer Workflow

  • Check-In
    • Scheduling
    • Customer/Vehicle Information
  • Inspect Vehicle
    • Internal Inspection of Engine
    • External Inspection of Vehicle
  • Estimate Check-Out
    • Repair Planning and Cost Estimate
    • Time Estimation
  • Work on the Vehicle
    • Order Parts
    • Repair Vehicle
  • Test Drive
    • In-house Test Drive
    • Customer Test Drive
  • Fix Issues If Any
    • Record Problems
    • Test Again Before Final Checkout
  • Check-Out
    • Generate Bill
    • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Care
    • Post Service Follow-Up
    • SMS/Push Message


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