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Your Absolute Guide to Small Business Lending

Nov 13, 2018

The concept of business lending was introduced to meet a common need. To start a business, or to even expand their current one, people required capital.

Entrepreneurs leveraged their finances along with those of friends, family, and neighbors to raise enough for business needs. This wasn’t always feasible. Soon, banks and government lending options arose.

With the regulated processes and rigid requirements of traditional financing, several people could not receive adequate financing. Since then, several financing options have emerged outside the mainstream lenders to provide accessible funding to small business owners.

With so many options in the market, it may prove difficult to decide which one suits your requirements.

This guide is meant to explore the different types of small business funding options to help you decide which one suits your business best.

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Never have there been as many financing options as there are today. In the past, lenders were few and hard to find due to strict regulations and rare opportunities.

Today, it’s grown into a billion dollar industry, with options tailor-made to industry, stage of business growth, annual revenue of the business and even your personal credit score.

Learn more in this guide from Reliant Funding.


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