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4 Small Business Marketing Ideas for the 4th of July

Jun 22, 2017

The 4th of July is awesome because it signifies the start of summer and most importantly… America!  It’s also a lucrative opportunity for small businesses to hold special sales and promotions during the week leading up to it. We’d like share some interesting marketing ideas you can use.

Stock up & showcase red white & blue

Aside from the obvious options like decorating your store front, offer up a limited time Independence Day themed product. For example, if you are in retail, do a mini stock up on quirky novelty items that inspire patriotism in your customers. It could be a clothing item or an interesting accessory for a party. For ideas on inventory, see what’s trending on Pinterest in your industry.  Those looking to get into the patriotic spirit with friends and family will be looking for these items. If you are in the restaurant industry, try creating a red, white and blue themed food item or an interesting cocktail at a happy hour price.

Sponsor a local parade or a fun run

Small businesses and the communities they exist in have a special connection, an unspoken word of mutual support. Sponsoring a benefit, run or a local parade is a great way to give back and deepen that connection. Pass out coupons, fliers, candies and other freebies to entice customers to find out more about your business. Connect with a cause and make an impact. They will remember your name.

Run a photo contest on social media

Get your customers to engage with your brand by enticing them with a photo contest on Twitter or Instagram. Challenge them to show their patriotism in the most unique ways and offer up a few valuable prizes for the winners. The best part about this marketing tactic is that it’s absolutely free. Don’t forget to use trending hashtags!

Create a sidewalk spectacle

This is an effective tactic, especially if your business is centrally located with lots of traffic. Set up a mini patriotic-themed event for families and offer up refreshments and snacks. Conspire with other businesses nearby and organize a walkabout block party complete with a food truck, makeshift photo booth and local bands. It will draw crowds and it could evolve into an annual event your customers look forward to each year.

Have a happy, safe and prosperous 4th of July from us at Reliant!


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