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No Origination Fee for Those Who Have Served

Nov 6, 2019

In appreciation for their service to our country, Reliant Funding will waive all origination fees for qualifying veteran-owned or military service-owned businesses. This new program kicks off on November 11, 2019 and will not end at the end of November.

Each year, millions of men and women transition from an active or reserve military status to become veterans of the United States military. Many of active-duty transitioning veterans indicate they would like to start a business, contributing to the growth of what is now over 2.5 million businesses majority-owned by veterans in the US. While these individuals benefit from the tools and skills learned during their service, the challenges around networking, developing mentorships, and perhaps most significantly, limited access to working capital can hold their businesses back from their goals and aspirations.

Reliant Funding has been supporting small business owners in getting access to the capital they need to grow and expand their business since our inception. As a result of their time in the military we’ve found veteran-owned businesses to be some of the strongest businesses to work with, and we’re committed to honoring their service.

In appreciation for their service to our country, beginning on Veteran’s Day 2019, Reliant Funding will waive all origination fees for qualifying veteran-owned businesses. In addition, we will be offering a Resource Guide for Veteran Owned Businesses, which offers an in-depth look into the current challenges facing these businesses, networking opportunities they may not be aware of, and a look into the benefits and places to certify their business as Veteran Owned.

We’ll also be offering a look into the lives of some of our colleagues here at Reliant who have served our country across various branches of our armed services.

Veterans have made an incredible impact to the safety of the country. 60% of veteran-owned businesses reported that they were awarded less funding than requested. We have to make sure that these individuals are given their best chance at a successful business
Adam Stettner
CEO, Reliant Funding

Qualifications and Terms of Offer

  • Business must be 50% or more owned by a Veteran or Active Duty service member.
  • Business must complete and fund an advance with Reliant Funding
  • To verify your veteran or service status, you must provide one of the following documents relevant to your status:
    • Active Duty Documentation: Military ID (National Guard, IRR, or retiree), VA Issued ID Card for Health Care, Veterans Designation on Driver’s License or State Veterans ID Card (almost all states now offer this) 
    • Veteran Documentation:
      Veterans Group Membership Card (VFW, American Legion, DAV, etc.) or a DD 214 form (verification of military service)
    • Dishonorably Discharged Veterans are not eligible for this program

The origination fee will be waived upon military status confirmation and confirmed funding of the advance.


$3,098,641,569 dollars funded