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As the owner of an automotive repair business, you deal with a wide variety of people, vehicles, needs and, of course, expenses. Your specialty may be foreign vehicles, diesel trucks, domestic automobiles or something else. No matter what your focus, there’s a lot to coordinate and cover between employees, tools, equipment and materials needed to offer top notch automotive repair services. Plus, there are all of the rules and regulations for ensuring safe, good quality vehicles - which can require more cost to achieve compliance.

When you experience normal business expenses that exceed your cash flow, or you see new opportunities to expand that require more capital to implement, there's an easy way to shift your business into high gear. Take a deep breath and get it done with funding from Reliant.

We know it’s important for you to have financing that’s quick and simple. That’s Reliant. Every day, we provide clients in your industry with funding for:

  • Buying parts or restocking supplies
  • Construction or renovation of your facility
  • Purchase equipment
  • Acquiring new, more efficient tools
  • Marketing and advertising
  • New hires
  • Payroll
  • Taxes

The Reliant Funding difference

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Variety of Options

We understand that every auto repair business has its own unique specialties, customers and services, which then factor in to create distinct financial needs. That's why we offer options to fit you and your business, not the other way around. Your explanation about your circumstances and needs launches us into action to define a package (with choices) that helps you best.

Relationships & High Quality Customer Service

We know customers don't accidentally choose your business for the repair work they need. After all, there may be multiple automotive repair shops for them to choose from. Customers come back again and again because of the people providing the auto work and their high quality customer service. It's that extra special something that makes clients feel welcome and keeps them as a returning customer in your industry. We feel the exact same way at Reliant.Building long-term relationships is our #1 priority, too. You'll work with a single point of contact, your Reliant Funding specialist, throughout the entire process. He or she will help you start with only the right amount of financing your auto business needs now, so your funding program will be comfortable for you.

Get a better feel for this authentic experience and business funding benefits from auto repair business owner Christina Blankenship in her insightful 1-minute video.

How we stack up against banks

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When you imagine applying for financing, images of paperwork, stress, delays and the high likelihood of being denied probably come to mind. With Reliant, it's different. The process is quick and painless. Take a moment to see some of the benefits to working with Reliant compared, for example, to banks.

Allow us to service your business funding needs, so you can better service your customers. To learn more about the financing options Reliant Funding can offer you and your automotive repair business by calling us at 877-850-0998 or send an online quote request.

Comparison Reliant Funding Banks
Approvals within hours checkmark xmark
Funds the next day checkmark xmark
Renewable source of funds checkmark xmark
No personal collateral or assets checkmark xmark
Minimal paperwork checkmark xmark