Reliant’s hiring reflects CEO’s view on nationwide small business growth

Adam Stettner - Founder, Chief Exective Officer at Reliant Funding

In its 9/25/14 issue, the San Diego Business Journal covered companies that are on a hiring upswing, including Reliant Funding. The SDBJ said:

Adam Stettner, president, CEO, and founder of Sorrento Valley-based Reliant Funding, which provides financing for small-to-medium-sized business nationwide, said he “ramped up and hired people for the student loan business, National Lending Associates, but then the economy imploded, and I had to lay off a lot of people.”

As a small business owner, Stettner said he experienced first-hand the difficulties of securing financing from bigger banks, which led him to start Reliant to fill that void. “We look to provide financing for businesses to grow which is a niche that the big banks aren’t filling,” he said. The gamble paid off. Today, owners of small to midsized businesses everywhere are most optimistic about the economy, which has translated into more hiring and need for capital.

“There is no question that people are more confident in 2014 than they were in 2009, 2010, and 2011,” he said. “It’s evident companies are willing to invest more.” Stettner said he shares that confidence in his own business and is looking to hire 10 people this month in sales alone.

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