An Opportunity May Be Directly in Front of You

At this moment, what type of critical business situation awaits your attention? There are times when an entrepreneur has a chance to grow his/her business, and challenging periods where obstacles threaten the company's future.

Many of these circumstances can be handled with a quick cash infusion. Which of the following reflects your business?

Attractive upside possibilities you could make happen:

  • Expanding your business - Have you been thinking about adding another location or expanding your current one?
  • Upgrading equipment, software or decor - Do you need accounting software, want to upgrade you refrigerator, expand you waiting room or add a vending machine for your employees?
  • Updating your online presence - Need to modernize your website or offer online specials to your customers?
  • Enhancing your advertisements efforts - Want to expand business through more professional marketing or a dedicated sales resources?

Downside conditions that aren't waiting for you to dig yourself out:

  • Tax Time - If you miss a tax payment, you risk financial penalties (or worse).
  • Payroll Issues/Delays - If you miss payroll, you have a legal risk and could lose key employees.
  • Inventory or equipment procurement - If you don't have the cash to pay for inventory or equipment that's "on sale" from your supplier, you'll end up with higher costs when you do make the purchase.
  • Lease Payments - If you miss lease payments (on office space or a vehicle), you could be at risk to lose it.

You may be one great idea away from reaching the next level in your business. Don’t let finances be the reason you miss achieving your goals. You have more options than you may realize. Reliant Funding is here to help you get the funds you need and the service you deserve.

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  • $100,000 in annual revenue
  • Been in business 6 months
  • No open bankruptcies
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