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The secret to how one company made the INC 500

You’re about to learn a secret, then discover ways you can create something similar in your own company.

The technique

We deliver a service. Even if your company has a physical product, you provide various levels of sales and support services. Whether it’s before and/or after the sale, every company is competing, in part, based on service. If you think you aren’t, it’s costing you money every single work day.

The secret at Reliant Funding involves our CEO, Adam Stettner. Each day, whenever he’s not in meetings, he sits smack in the middle of our customer service team. He rarely uses his closed door office.

Every account manager and other service professional at Reliant Funding is either within earshot of his cubicle, or can stand up and see him. It’s Adam’s way of staying on top of our customer interactions and it indicates to our staff that excellent service is the most important attribute of our company.

If you think this approach is of marginal value, be aware that it propelled Reliant onto the INC 5000 last year, and up the ladder to inclusion in the INC 500 this year. It might seem unusual to make our formula for success visible to all. However, since our business is about helping other firms succeed, it’s well within our philosophy to share it.

Here’s how you can apply the concept in your business

The lesson isn’t that company leaders need to sit in a cubicle, or even locate among the sales or support teams. The challenge for you is to identify how you can increase personal involvement with your company’s customer-facing staff.

Perhaps it’s by accompanying field sales people on customer visits. Or, by listening to support calls from customers with problems. You’ll learn a lot about their experiences with your company. Plus, your effort will give front line employees the realization that you value the importance of what they do every day. As a side benefit, your staff will benefit from helpful coaching you can provide.

Your company might not make it to an INC list, but you may very well attain business success far beyond what you thought possible. We don’t see a ceiling to our potential. Hopefully, you are equally determined to make the investment in time and money that can maximize your business.