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January 28, 2015
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February 19, 2015

Social media and small business success

Are you taking advantage of social media in your small business? Social media has become a significant part of many company’s marketing efforts.

89 percent of the respondents to that simple question said social media was providing them greater exposure. 75 percent claimed it was increasing traffic.

Every small business leader should take the time and effort to learn about what social media can do for them and then use that knowledge to grow and succeed beyond their competitors. Here are 3 powerful tips any small business can apply when it comes to social media and their business:

  1. Be consistent. Before you spend time on strategy, before you set up any social media accounts, ask yourself, “Am I willing to invest the hours that will be required to make the effort a success?” This will confirm if you will be consistent and commit to the time on an ongoing basis, to gain the traction and traffic you want to see. Once this becomes a regular habit, building a relationship with your audience will become easier.
    1. Give your customers a reason to keep in touch with you by providing information that they will find interesting, will be helpful, or is fun for them to engage in and share with others.
    2. Be persistent in implementing your plan and in monitoring whether you’re reaching the objectives that will take you to your goal.
  2. Know what you want to accomplish with social media. When you know what you want your business to accomplish, you’ll be able to build an action plan around those objectives and execute accordingly for success. Ask yourself what you want your customers to know about you, what do you want to leverage from social media, and do you see yourself as a leader or an educator for your industry? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you smartly attach your company’s marketing success exclusively to the social media bandwagon. Social media can then contribute to you building strong relationships with your current and future customers.
  3. Be positive and patience. The way we communicate with our customers is changing. It takes time to develop relationships and establish credibility with your brand for your target audience. Being positive will reflect on who you are and how your company is viewed. Customers will pay more attention to positive information, which will grow loyalty and interaction between the company and customer.

With small budgets and few employees, small businesses must have a strategy in place to benefit from social media marketing. You needn’t be a multibillion dollar corporation. It just take realistic goals and the will power to get started and keep going.