An Opportunity May be Directly in Front of You

At this very moment, what type of critical business situation awaits your attention? There are times when an entrepreneur has a chance to grow his/her business, and challenging periods where obstacles threaten the company’s future.

Many of these circumstances can be handled with a quick cash infusion. Which of the following reflects your business?

Marketing Investment

Attractive upside possibilities you could make happen:

  • Expanding your business – Have you been thinking about adding another location or expanding your current one?
  • Upgrading equipment, software or décor – Do you need new accounting software, want to upgrade your refrigerator, expand your waiting room or add a vending machine for your employees?
  • Updating your online presence – Need to modernize your website or offer online specials to your customers?
  • Enhancing your advertisement efforts – Want to expand business through more professional marketing or a dedicated sales resource?

Money problems

Downside conditions that aren’t waiting for you to dig yourself out:

  • Tax Time – If you miss a tax payment, you risk financial penalties (or worse).
  • Payroll Issues/Delays – If you miss payroll, you have a legal risk and could lose key employees.
  • Inventory or equipment procurement – If you don’t have the cash to pay for inventory or equipment that’s “on sale” from your supplier, you’ll end up with higher costs when you do make the purchase.
  • Lease Payments – If you miss lease payments (on office space or a vehicle), you could be at risk to lose it.

Things are still under your control, if you act in a timely manner. It starts with a phone call. The only thing you have to lose is the opportunity.

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